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Do you want to be a captain of your own boat? Owning a real yacht is a quite expensive hobby. However, there is an alternative hobby that can let you experience that same cruising delight. Welcome to the world of remote control boats a.k.a. radio controlled boats or RC boats! Remote control boats let you glide across the wide open waters with power and ease. There are lots of people who play and collect RC boats as a hobby. They even have communities and associations that organise events and boat racing competitions. You too can join the fun! You can start by buying a cool remote control boat here at Mr Toys. Our selection of radio controlled boats will delight any hobbyist who is into RC toys. Our remote control boats are perfect for fast and furious water racing fun. Experience the splash and navigational fun – shop for remote control boats at Mr Toys today!

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Things to Remember When Buying Remote Control Boats

Before purchasing a remote control boat, consider several factors like speed, handling power, and battery capacity. If you are an RC boat enthusiast and are planning to race against other boats, ensure that your radio controlled boat is the type that operates on multiple frequencies so you won’t have problems with the remote control signal.

Most remote control boats are designed to cruise on fresh water, so racing or cruising your radio controlled boat on the sea may not be that advisable. However, there are remote control boats that are developed for high-end use and racing purposes.

It is important to take note what and how are you going to use your RC boat for. Is it for playing, simple cruising, or for high-end racing? Whatever it is you’re after, Mr Toys is here to help you shop for the right remote control boat model. Browse through this page or, if you need further assistance, you may send us a message here.



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