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No child has ever escaped the fun of rocking and riding a rocking horse! Rocking horses are fun action-oriented ride-on toys that will make your little one giggle with extreme delight. Mr Toys carries a huge assortment of rocking horses in various sizes and with designs kids will love. We even have full-sized rocking horses for the older and taller children. Our range also includes electronic rocking horses and hobby horses that emit realistic horse sounds. Your little cowboy and cowgirl will definitely feel they’re horseback-riding and imagine themselves soaring on a wide open prairie. Shop for a rocking horse at Mr Toys now and choose your child’s favourite design and appropriate size from our large selection here on our website or in-store.

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The Rocking Horse – A Bit of History

Rocking horses have been around since time immemorial. In fact, many historians claim that children have been playing with rocking horses since ancient times. There are archaeological findings that show ancient Egyptians were making rocking horses from crude materials with wheels underneath or as replacements for the legs. The reason for this is that the horse was the usual riding companion of the adults and children would always want to pretend-play what the grownups were doing.

There are also evidences that early Greeks and Romans were also making ride-on toys for their children. They resembled horses with chariots, as if to be used for battle.

In the Middle Ages, stick horses and hobby horses became popular. Children loved the idea of what it was like to be a knight and coming out victorious from perilous adventures and wars.

The 16th century gave way to the rise of the barrel horse. This time, the barrel horse already had 4 legs with bows at the bottom, providing the rocking motion to the child rider.

It was in the 18th century that rocking horses were made to be more stable with lighter wooden materials and structured to have more balancing effect, making it safer for children to ride on.

Today, rocking horses are often made of resin with a more stable centre of gravity. Little riders will enjoy the feeling of bouncing up and down while moving forward and backward, just like the sensation of riding a real horse.

So if your child is longing for that experience of riding a horse, give them the next best thing. Buy them a rocking horse! Shop now at Mr Toys Toyworld.



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