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Does your child love to build and play with water and sand, but you can’t go to the beach right now? Why not buy them a sand and water table? It’s the next best thing to building a sand castle at the beach! With a sand and water table, you can bring the touch and feel of beach sand to your own backyard. You can set up your sand and water table on your porch or in your garden. It’s an easy way for the kids to get some serious “fun under the sun!” They will enjoy building and moulding whatever it is they can imagine – just add water, and voila! Imagination is the limit when you make something with our sand and water tables. Shop for sand and water tables here at Mr Toys and see your child have fun with the sand like it is on an actual beach.

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Experience Beach Fun with Sand and Water Tables

Playing and building with sand is not an exclusive activity you can do at the beach – no, not anymore. Thanks to sand and water tables! Here at Mr Toys, we carry a huge assortment of sand and water tables – all for your child to experience the fun of playing and building with sand like they do on the beach. We have sand and water tables with the tools and accessories to help the kids scoop, mould, and shape the sand. We also have sets that include “artificial” sand that mimic the feel and texture of actual beach sand.

Bringing the fun from the beach to your own home is so easy when you buy a sand and water table from Mr Toys!

Sand and Water Tables – Fun Play that Promotes Creativity and Discovery

No doubt, toys and playsets that encourage creative learning and discovery are much more preferred by parents over those that do little or none. With sand and water and tables, you can expect that kids won’t just have fun but will also discover their creative talents. The only limit to what they can do is their imagination.

Sand and water tables encourage creative play and it’s also a great way to expose your growing children to more productive activities away from the TV and mobile gadgets. So if you want your child to enjoy beach fun playing and building with water and sand – without even going to the beach, then buy them a sand and water table set from Mr Toys today!



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