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You know what children want when the family goes to the beach (aside from swimming, of course)? It’s playing in the sand! For the many who don’t live along the beach, playing in the sand isn’t something you can enjoy every day. Fortunately, Mr Toys has a stock of sandpit toys and sandboxes that will allow you to bring home the fun of playing with sand even if you are not at the beach. Our selection of sand boxes and sand pits will provide your child a clean and safe sand play experience. We have small and large sizes – from the Clam Sandpit to the Kan-i Metal Digger that allows for digging deeper holes in the sand. Your child will have hours of fun making sand castles, building roads for their toy cars, and much more. Shop today and find out how Mr Toys can save both your time and money with our sandpit toys and sandboxes.

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Why Sand Pits Are Fun for Kids

The sandbox is a classic outdoor toy that mimics the fun you experience when you are at the beach – minus the diving, surfing, and swimming! You can choose from 2 types of sandboxes:

  • the in-ground sandbox
  • and the above-ground sandbox

Both are great options, but what is their main difference? In-ground sandboxes are more for in-house use only and it’s not great if you want to take it with you when travelling. Above-ground sandboxes, on the other hand, are quite mobile – you can bring it with you to anyplace you want.

Sandpit toys encourage children to be creative! With the right combination of buckets and trowels, a sandbox can become a portal to a world that only your child can dream of. An ancient castle or an alien planet will be right in your backyard once they get their hands on the sand.

Let your child enjoy the sand and buy a sandbox from Mr Toys today. Be prepared to watch them play for many years to come. Make sure you read the instructions and precautions to guarantee the safety of your child while playing with the sand.



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