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The Schleich Company has been making high-quality animal toys and figures since 1935 that they have become highly collectable items for toy hobbyists. Children love to play with Schleich toys, and they are so durable that kids can pass them on to their younger siblings even after many years of hard play. Mr Toys carries more than 120 animal models made by Schleich which include dinosaurs, unicorns, Frisian mares, sharks, Andalusian and Arabian horses, Australian wombats, koala bears, kangaroos, and other animals – both wild and domesticated. Your child will definitely jump in delight when they see that you’ve gifted them a set of Schleich animal toys. You don’t even have to be an avid toy collector to like these lifelike animal figures. Shop for Schleich toys and animal figures at Mr Toys now!

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Explore the World of Schleich

When it comes to realistic looking animal toys, no toy company makes them quite like Schleich. For more than half a century, Schleich has been producing beautiful animal toys that children love to play with and adult hobbyists want to collect.

Founded in the 1930s, Schleich has manufactured its iconic line of animal toys and it hasn't stopped since then. Though initially producing licensed merchandise such as Smurfs or Peanuts toys, Schleich is best known for their unparalleled animal toys.

Kids love the unique feel of hard rubber on every Schleich toy. Schleich animal figures feature many different painting patterns and even different textures, making them look realistic and great for display. So you see, Schleich toys are fun playthings as well as awesome decorations for your home or office.

Let Your Kids Create Their Own Zoo with Schleich Toys

As a parent, one thing you always want to do is inspire your child's imagination. When you buy them Schleich toys, that's practically what you're doing! Imagine the scenarios they can come up with as they play with a herd of Schleich elephants, or the drama that will unfold as they re-enact a chase scene with a Schleich cheetah, lion, and gazelle. It’s an exciting way to teach them about the wildlife and how animals live.

Schleich Animal Figures Encourage Learning and Stimulate Kids’ Imagination

Schleich animal toys can be used by parents and teachers to teach kids about animal life. The realistic features of Schleich animal figures allow for a better exploration of information about the animals’ anatomy.

Schleich Toys Are Made to Last

Another great thing about Schleich is that their toys are made to be durable. Because Schleich makes its toys to last a lifetime, you don’t need to worry that your child will cry for damaging their Schleich toy. Many people have held onto their Schleich items for years and years. This is why many adults have kept a collection of Schleich toys from their childhood.

No matter what kind of animals you like, there’s always a Schleich toy that can match it – and you can find it here at Mr Toys. With hundreds of different animals to choose from, no child or toy collector would ever be disappointed when shopping.



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