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Skates are not just some footwear with wheels. They are not the ordinary playthings that kids will outgrow in a short time. Even as they grow into adulthood, skating will still be the same fun and exhilarating activity they will always look forward too. That’s why you can see families and friends doing skating together. And for anyone looking for great skates and skating accessories, it’s just right to go to Mr Toys and shop. We have skates for every age and foot size – whether for your child or for yourself. You can choose from a range of designs, colours and styles! Browse below or visit our physical stores across and Australia. The skates that match your feet and style are just waiting for you!

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Skating as a Sport

Skating is a great sport that anyone can get into. However, the person learning it should have patience, endurance, and creativity. Of course, some kids may be better suited to other hobbies, but dedicated skaters recognise that talent requires practice – no one can be a skater overnight! With the right amount of time and effort, aspiring skaters can indeed become experts themselves. Who knows? They can even join the Olympics!

Benefits of Skating

Since it requires physical movement, skating is also a type of exercise. Those who love to skate will attest that they gain so many benefits from the activity.

• Skating is a good stress reliever. The physical activity in skating allows for stress relief, mental re-calibration, and the enhancement of good moods.

• Skating is a fitness regiment. It burns calories, tones your muscles, and improves cardiovascular health.
• And most of all, skating is fun! It’s a great opportunity for families and friends to bond and spend quality time together.

So what are you waiting for? Shop for some skates at Mr Toys and invite your family and friends in an exciting skating activity today!



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