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Slackers brings the challenge and fun of slacklining to every backyard and for all ages. Whether you are looking for speed on a zipline, improving your balance on a slackline, or have a love for swinging, Slackers has the right slackline for you. Mr Toys carries a great range of Slackers slacklines and backyard adventure gear designed to keep kids active as they play outdoors. We have ziplines, ninjalines, and all the necessary accessories for a fun yet safe slacklining exercise. Amaze your friends with your balancing skills and buy a Slackers slackline, zipline, or ninjaline at Mr Toys now! No matter what activity you prefer, just go outside and play with a slackline today!

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Slackers – Making Slacklining and Backyard Adventure More Fun

“Slackers” is part of the b4Adventure family of brands. They are committed to making a variety of products that encourage kids of all ages to stay active, get outdoors, and have fun while doing it! Slacklining is great when you use Slackers! Slackers slacklines have the following types:

  • Zipline slacklining
  • Ninjaline slacklining

Slackers also offers backyard adventure gear and accessories for an active gameplay outdoors.

Play in the Air with a Slackers Slackline

It's a crazy world up there, but kids nowadays are go-getters, doers, and climbers. You'll be the proud parent whose kids take to the air with Slackers slacklines.

Slackers Slacklines Take the Ground Out of Playground

Kids will reach for the skies with Slackers ninjalines, ziplines, and slacklines. They will soar into the air and take their extreme balancing skills to another level of exhilaration.

Add some adventure to your backyard and shop an entire collection of Slackers slacklines, ziplines, ninjalines, gear, and accessories at Mr Toys today!



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