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What’s the first board game you played when you were in preschool? If your answer is Snakes and Ladders, then you’re just one of the millions of people who have played and enjoyed Snakes and Ladders as their first ever board game. The thing about Snakes and Ladders is that, once a pre-schooler gets to play it, they certainly can’t get over it anymore. It’s gonna be hours of fun and laughter as they race through the board, avoiding snakes and wishing they step on a ladder. Mr Toys carries a wide range of Snakes and Ladders board games online and in-store. What’s great is we have a variety of them – yes – not just one kind, but many! Have a look below and see what Snakes and Ladders game will excite your family today.

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Snakes and Ladders – A Bit of History

The Snakes and Ladders game can be dated back to ancient India. It is said that the game was meant to teach children (and adults as well) about human life and morality. The race to the finish line represents the journey of life; the snakes represent bad deeds which can give you bad karma; and the ladders are good deeds that will bring about good karma.

The British adopted the game and brought it to Europe. However, it got renamed in the United States as “Chutes and Ladders” when it was published by Milton Bradley in 1943. Bradley and the American publishers thought that the image of snakes might be too scary for children.

Today, the Snakes and Ladders game is a very popular game that no child has ever escaped its fun influence. It is the game both the young and old can enjoy!

What Do Kids Benefit from the Snakes and Ladders Game?

Kids, especially pre-schoolers, can learn much from Snakes and Ladders. Game specialists and child behaviour experts say the following:

• Snakes and Ladders introduces kids to counting numbers.

• Snakes and Ladders teaches them to recognise shapes, images, colours, and numbers.
• Snakes and Ladders gives them a lesson about taking-turns and not being a cheat.

• Snakes and Ladders introduces kids to the concept of game-play, sportsmanship, and how to behave when they win or lose.

So shop for a Snakes and Ladders board game now and play a great game with your children and family tonight!



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