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Children who aspire to be astronauts someday often get their first idea of space travel through space shuttle toys. Using their imaginations, they can orbit through space, reach the moon, and land on Mars (or other planets). Inspire your child to reach the stars by giving them space shuttle toys. Learning about the galaxy is much easier when they play with space shuttle toys. Our range of space shuttle toys includes plastic assembly models, LEGO sets, and miniature models. Witness them construct their own space shuttle, and then travel the Milky Way in their imaginations. Buy your child a space shuttle toy and let them realise their dream of flying through space today!

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Space Shuttle Toys

A Child’s Dream of Travelling to Space

What is your child’s favourite space movie? Is it Star Trek, Star Wars, or Space Odyssey? Whatever it is, we’re sure they love to play with toys that relate to space travel such as space shuttles.

A lot of kids dream of travelling to space and they love to play games that allow them to role-play space travel. The good news is – you can encourage your child’s dream by giving them space shuttle toys from Mr Toys.

Humanity and Space Travel

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration or NASA is humanity’s forefront when it comes to space travel. Through NASA’s space program, humans – particularly astronauts – have been travelling to space beginning in 1981.

More than 350 people have travelled to space since then, and NASA will continue to be sending missions to space with more astronauts and scientists following the footsteps of their predecessors. Because of this, many children have been dreaming of joining NASA and travelling to space someday.We want to inspire kids to realise their dream of space travel, that’s why we offer you a range of space shuttle toys here on our website and in our stores across Australia.

So buy your child space shuttle toys at Mr Toys today!



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