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Spy Toys will turn your child’s playtime into a covert operation. Our vast assortment of Spy Toys can transform kids into undercover agents. Mr Toys carries a range of Spy Toys that will make your child’s spy-play experience as exciting as James Bond’s adventures. We have Spy Gear Motion Traps, Spy Watches, and other amazing spy-related gadgets. Kids can do recordings of “enemy” conversations and thwart the plans of megalomaniac villains that threaten to rule the world. Buy your child spy toys and gadgets at Mr Toys and take advantage of amazing discounts. See them enjoy playing out their favourite spy character with their friends today!

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Playing Spy Calls for Awesome Spy Toys and Gadgets

For kids who love the thrill of action-packed spy games, it’s always exciting to be the hero who will thwart the evil plans of tyrants and criminal syndicates. They admire the likes of James Bond and Ethan Hunt from Mission Impossible. Albeit fictional, these characters evoke heroism and fun in the eyes of a child.

Becoming a spy or secret agent involves equipping oneself with spy tech and gadgetry. And if your child wants to play out as a spy, he or she will need such devices as well! Here at Mr Toys, we offer toys and accessories that mimic the functions of real spy tech and gadgets. From miniature cameras to intricate recording devices, children will have fun acting out as crafty spies performing their undercover mission.

Check out our cool spy sunglasses, which provide a suave look to any young spy wearing them. Of course, these sunglasses serve another purpose – they have rearview features that allow the wearer to see behind themselves when someone sneaks up on them.

Along with the glasses, you may find the pocket scope just as appealing. It appears to be a pen, but it’s a device that sizes up the “enemy” from long distances. Couple the pocket scope with the right angle viewer and your young spy will be able to see anyone near or far! With the right optical spy toys, the young agent can spot the villain’s every machination.

The spy watch is another great spy toy! It does not only tell the time, it also includes a vast array of cool features such as a camera, recording device, and communicator.


A good spy will not be bereft of cool gadgets. Grab these awesome spy toys from Mr Toys and give them to your aspiring little agent today!



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