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For the past 35 years, Mario has been running, jumping, and saving the Mushroom Kingdom from villains who dare threaten it and its citizens, Yet, he couldn’t have done it without you. You have been there to join Mario on his incredible adventures and help save the day. From the famous series of video games, Mario jumps to real-life adventures with toys, LEGO sets, plushies, and board games that can now be yours here at Mr Toys Toyworld. We also have remote control toys that feature Mario flying and moving as you would want him to. Enjoy the new adventures of Super Mario, his brother Luigi, Princess Peach, and his other friends with a new line of tangible toys that will definitely make anyone smile and gloat their eyes in extreme delight. Shop for Super Mario Toys at Mr Toys today!

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Super Mario

The Original Plot of the Super Mario Brothers Game

One day, the kingdom of the peaceful Mushroom People was invaded by the Koopa, a tribe of turtles infamous for their black magic. The quiet, peace-loving citizens of Mushroom Kingdom were turned into mere stones, bricks ,and even field horsehair plants, and the entire kingdom fell into ruin.

The only one who can undo the spell that fell upon the Mushroom People and return them to their normal selves is the Princess Toadstool (Princess Peach in some iterations), the daughter of the Mushroom King. Unfortunately, she is being held captive by Bowser, the King of the Koopa.

Mario and his brother Luigi have heard about the Mushroom Kingdoms’s plight. They set out on a quest to free the Mushroom Princess from the evil Koopa and restore the fallen kingdom of the Mushroom People.

In the game, you are Mario! It’s up to you to save the Mushroom People and Princess Peach from the black magic of King Bowser and the Koopa!

Super Mario through the Years

Super Mario has been entertaining us since 1985, and Nintendo continues to re-create this lovable character for everyone’s enjoyment.

Today, Super Mario is not anymore just a mere character in a video game. He now comes to you in a series of tangible toys and games that kids and grownups will definitely love.
Check out these amazing Super Mario toys and games available at Mr Toys:

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