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Water fun is a great way for kids to be physically active and beat the summer heat. It’s a refreshing alternative to get fit and play outside of your house! Equip your children with super soakers and water guns from Mr Toys, which can definitely add more thrill to their water fun and games. We have a large selection of water guns and super soakers that includes (but not limited to) the Hydro Force and Rebelle. Arm yourself with these exciting super soakers and enjoy the splash of cool water all around the playground. Beat your opponents and claim victory on all your water battles! Order your water guns and super soakers now, and experience a watery yet refreshing outdoor fun this summer.

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Super Soakers and Waterguns

Summer Fun with Water Guns

Great outdoor fun during the summer involves a variety of activities. And because it’s summer, you need to cool down your body with lots of water! That’s why summer is the best season to play water battle games, and no water battles can exist without water guns.

Enjoy shopping at Mr Toys with our vast array of water guns! Your child won’t be disappointed once they see the different variety of splashers, super soakers, water blasters, and many other water toys here on our website and in our retail stores across Australia.

Kids can attest that one of the best ways to play and have fun during a hot day is to play with water. But water fun is more exciting when it involves action and mock-up battles. This is where water guns can come in handy!

Playing battle games with water guns are not only fun, but they also teach kids to socialise with other children. The games encourage them to think strategically, communicate well with others, and work with a team. Last but not the least, water gun games are opportunities to exercise and maintain physical fitness.

Make your child’s dream of becoming a soldier a reality by buying them water guns from Mr Toys! Whether it’s a small, medium-sized, or huge water blaster you are looking for, you will likely find it here in our store. Don’t let the heat of summer overtake you – buy water guns and let your child experience a refreshing outdoor play today!



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