Tamagotchi pet is a digital creature that your child will love and nurture. Taking the friendship experience to a whole new exciting level, watch them hatch, feed and care for them, play with them, and tuck them into bed. These virtual pets offer all the fun, and some of the responsibility, of owning a real animal, in a compact digital device that never needs to be walked or have the litter box cleaned.
Tamagotchi friends are engaging play figures that any young fan of the virtual pet will instantly recognize. With a convenient clasp, your child can take their Tamagotchi along with them wherever they go. Choose from multi-figure play packs and cool playsets. You kid will feel like their electronic friend has come to life.

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Why We Were Addicted to Our Tamagotchis

They didn't do anything but poop, walk around, age, and die, but we care and treated those little-pixelated pets like family. On November 23, 1996, Aki Maita and Yokoi Akihiro created a needier world, the Tamagotchis. Maita and Akihiro had created an egg-shaped virtual pet that dies on its owner daily unless afforded generous love, care, and attention. They were a success and became a sensation, and we all loved them. And now they are back with a little alteration. How is the new Tamagotchi different? • It is called Mini Tamagotchi • 60-per cent smaller • Same egg-shaped design with tiny LCD screen They have the same egg-shaped design as well as a tiny LCD screen with no backlighting. The main difference between the original model and this one is that the new one is 60-per cent smaller that’s why it was technically called ""Mini Tamagotchi"". Perfect gift for everyone, give them this virtual pet now. You can get them at Mr Toys Toyworld.



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