Buy Tech Deck Fingerboards

Are you into skateboards? If you are, have you tried skateboarding with your fingers? Whether you are a skateboard enthusiast or not, let Mr Toys introduce you to the world of fingerboarding. Tech Deck is a brand of 96mm fingerboards that children (and even adults) can skate on with the use of their fingers. Designed in the same style as skateboards, Tech Deck is taking the world of skateboarding – or in this case, fingerboarding – by storm. Our selection of Tech Teck fingerboards includes the Tech Deck starter sets for children and beginning hobbyists, as well as the high-end collectables for long-time enthusiasts. We also have fingerboard accessories for you to stay on top of the competition. Shop here at Mr Toys for the complete line of Tech Deck fingerboards, and let your fingers do the skateboarding.