Buy Tonka Toy Trucks

For many years, parents and children have trusted Tonka when it comes to their toy trucks. Tonka is a trustworthy brand renowned for its tough toys designed for heavy duty use and many hours of play. The name Tonka is a legend in the toy industry because of its reputation for durability. Tonka’s toy trucks and construction toys can be considered as the toughest toys around. Here at Mr Toys, our online shop and physical stores carry a wide array of Tonka toys and toy trucks from the Tonka Classic Mighty Dump, which has been around for many years, to the Tonka Toughest Mighty Dump. You can also find playsets featuring modern toy characters that are exclusive to Tonka, like Tonka Chunk and Friends. In case your child prefers to play rough with these toys, you can be sure that they are no match for Tonka’s toughness and durability. Buy your Tonka toys and trucks only from Mr Toys!