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Cooking is one of the most useful skills in life! Introduce the joy of cooking to your little one by buying them toy kitchens and cooking toys. Kitchen playsets and cooking toys allow kids to learn the various utensils used in the kitchen. Your child will have fun doing all the things you do to cook their meals, bake some pastries, and prepare their dishes. Role-playing as a cook or chef is so much fun with our awesome range of realistic cooking toys and toy kitchens. Our kitchen playsets will make them appreciate the value of preparing meals and family time. Who knows? Your child who just started with simple cooking toys and toy kitchens would turn out to be the next winner in MasterChef Australia. Buy your child their first set of cooking toys and toy kitchens at Mr Toys now!

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Start Teaching Your Child to Learn Cooking and Preparing Meals with Our Kitchen Playsets

Cooking shows like MasterChef Australia are very much popular among Aussies. They have inspired people to learn how to cook and, if they already know how to, make their cooking even better. The great thing is, children who watch these shows are also inspired to be cooks or chefs themselves. If you’re a parent and this rings true to your children, then maybe it’s time to give them their first set of cooking toys. Just take a look at our assortment of kitchen playsets on this webpage and you will see a variety of choices that any budding little cook, baker, or chef will definitely love.

Cooking Food Role-Play is More Realistic with Mr Toys’ Kitchen Playsets

To a child, the best playtime experience is role-playing or playing grownup. And the closest situation they often see at home is you cooking and preparing their food in the kitchen. So don’t be surprised if your child loves to pretend-play doing the things you do at the kitchen. Cooking for the family is one act of love that is very obvious for the children – and this act is what they definitely want to imitate.

Toy kitchens and cooking toys will encourage your child to love cooking. They will learn to appreciate the value of preparing dishes for the family. Mr Toys understand how precious these moments are for a child; that’s why we provide our customers the finest cooking toys and toy kitchens from the best names of toy manufactures in Australia and around the world.
Buy your child cooking toys and toy kitchens now and witness how they grow up to be the best cook in your household starting today.



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