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Trading cards have been popular with kids, and even adult hobbyists, for generations. Discover incredible sets of sports cards, Pokémon cards, Yugi-Gi-Oh cards, and other popular and even hard-to-find trading cards here at Mr Toys. Collecting these cards bring a different kind of fun and fulfilment to the avid collector. There’s always a sense of accomplishment whenever you find that most-sought-after deck of trading cards. If your child is an avid fan of trading cards, then giving them such as a gift for Christmas or birthday is the perfect way to put a huge mile on his or her face. We have boxed sets, individual decks, and small packs. Start shopping for trading cards for your child now!

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Mr Toys Is Home to an Incredible Selection of Trading Cards

Trading cards are also called collectable cards. These paperboard cards are based on themes that can either be fictional or non-fictional. Each card depicts an image of a character, place, or thing (such as tool, gadget, or weapon). They also have written descriptions of who or what is in the image. The descriptions may contain traits, power levels, statistics and simple trivia.

Non-fictional trading cards are often associated with sports such as baseball, basketball, football, etc. But there are other non-fictional trading cards that depict celebrities, automobiles, jets, and warships.

Fictional cards or non-sports trading cards base their themes from pop culture items such as superheroes, fantasy worlds, and magical stories. Sometimes, creators of fictional cards are the ones who make something new that media companies would produce TV shows based on these new themes, instead of the other way around.

Two of the most popular trading cards are Pokémon cards and Yu-Gi-Oh – and we have both of them here at Mr Toys. Yet, our range of collectable cards is not limited to those 2. We have “Magic the Gathering,” which is known to hold the highest number of unique cards. Just browse through this category page and you will see a bunch of trading cards, both fictional and non-fictional, that kids and adult collectors will definitely love to own.



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