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When you need a gift for your child's birthday, give a present because of doing a great job at the school, or you want to add to your collection, you can buy all the famous characters from TV, movies and more from our online store. We offer a wide range of the favourite tv and movie character Toys for children and character enthusiasts. Complete your collection or buy your child their favourite movie characters online. We can ship your items anywhere in Australia, and you can save money with exceptional sale prices. Shop online and have your kids favourite tv and movie character toys delivered to your front door.


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TV & Movie Toys

Great Purchase of TV and Movie Toys in Best Prices at Mr Toys

Kids are so fond of watching TV shows and movies. Now, in the market, we can see TV shows and movies are now getting their own merchandise. Which likely, will give happiness to kids seeing their favourite characters turned into figures or plush toys. The characters toy figures are one of the most common variants of merchandise made from the TV shows and Movies. Movie characters are often noted as being fun to collect and playable among kids due to more iconic status such as Elsa of Frozen. That is why kids are so thrilled about owning these toys that their favourite character turned into real-life figures.

Disney Frozen Toys are Great Gifts for Holidays and Birthdays

Kids loved Disney’s film “Frozen”.They can’t stop singing “Let it go,” which is one of the songs from the movie. The film centres around two sisters, Elsa and Anna. Elsa is the older sister, who has a magical snow power. She can command ice and snow. It has a lot of singing and action which makes kids enjoy it a lot. Indeed, it is an excellent movie for the entire family. Kids love to pretend to be Elsa and Anna and make up their own adventures or play as their favourite character in the film, Olaf. He is a happy snowman.

Since the movie hits among kids, they wanted everything and anything that dealt with the film. From accessories to toys they made sure that everything “Frozen” was on the top of their Holiday or birthday wish list. Here at Mr Toys, there are many awesome things to choose from the “Frozen” toy line.



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