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Ty Beanie Boos are the hot new addition to your collection of plush toys. Beanie Boos are small, cute, and stuffed animals with big adorable eyes. They are manufactured by the Ty toy company and are mostly famous for their Beanie Babies toys. Each Beanie Boo has a heart shaped tag that can be used to identify who the owner is. You can put your child’s name on it to signify his or her ownership of the toy. Like all Ty Beanies, the Beanie Boo line of toys increases its value over time. So if you want the hottest cuddly plush toys that will still be valuable as time goes by, then grab your Beanie Boo toy at Mr Toys Toyworld now. We also offer Beanie-themed accessories for Ty Beanie collectors and aficionados. What are you waiting for? Purchase your Ty Beanie Boos and Babies today.