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Aside from the insect, what comes to our minds when we hear the word “beetle”? If your answer is Volkswagen, then we are on the same page! Literally meaning “people’s car” in German, the Volkswagen is both a classic and popular car brand that has made a mark on people’s minds all over the world. Albeit there are many car models under the Volkswagen brand, it’s the Beetle or the Bumblebee that made Volkswagen known to the world. If you love Volkswagen vehicles, then you will also love our range of Volkswagen toys. It’s time to give your child the pleasure of having their very own Volkswagen car – in miniature version. Shop for Volkswagen toys and start your collection of Volkswagen car models today!

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Volkswagen Toys

Volkswagen – The People’s Car

Volkswagen was founded by the German government in 1937 to mass-produce cars that the people can buy at very low prices. In fact, Volkswagen (volks + wagen) literally means people’s car in German. The first Volkswagen car was designed by Ferdinand Porsche (rings a bell?), an expert automotive engineer in the 1930’s.

Presently, the Volkswagen Group has its headquarters in Wolfsburg, Germany.

The Classic and Most Popular Models of Volkswagen

Volkswagen is a timeless car company that continues to produce vehicles of different models for motorists and passengers all around the world.

However, the name Volkswagen is more popularly known for its classic models, namely:
Today is a good time to start your Volkswagen toy car collection, so buy Volkswagen toys at Mr Toys now!



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