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When you want the best trampoline, there’s only one name you need to know – the Vuly Trampoline. Since 2007, the remarkable Vuly Trampolines have pushed the art of bouncing to impressive new heights. Using a combination of high quality materials and precise engineering to design and manufacture versatile and long-lasting trampolines, Vuly offers a variety of different models for children of all ages and sizes. When you want to make sure your adventurous child is playing on the sturdiest and most durable trampoline, the Vuly Trampoline makes an excellent investment. Purchase a Vuly Trampoline at Mr Toys today, and watch your little ones enjoy it for years to come. Who knows? You may even want to try a bounce or 2 for yourself.

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Vuly Trampoline

Bounce and Get Fit with the Vuly Trampoline

Encouraging your kids to participate in physical activity has to involve more than just telling them to go outside and play; you need to give them something to play with too! When it comes to having fun outside and getting ample exercise, a few toys fit the bill. With the trampoline, kids will have the opportunity to enjoy both exercise and play.

Mr Toys is proud to offer the famous Vuly Trampolines! These incredible trampolines come in a variety of shapes and sizes and with all kinds of potential upgrades to make them even more fun. There's a size for every child and family who want to jump and play. We have what you need, even the huge 14 ft Vuly Trampoline with an enclosure.

Regardless if you choose an 8 ft Vuly Trampoline or the larger 10, 12 or 14 ft models, the strength and innovation of the Vuly brand will bring tonnes of fun to your family for years to come. Vuly Trampolines are excellent tools that promote health and physical fitness. They’re great for cardio workouts, burning calories, and staying fit. Trampolines also provide opportunities for families to have fun together – something that will lead to lifelong wellness and happiness.

Clearly, there are lots of excellent reasons to get yourself and your children out on the Vuly Trampoline. It’s a great investment to good health. Besides, who doesn't love bouncing around with their children? Browse through our whole range of Vuly Trampolines and find the model and size that fits your preferences – whether for single, double, triple, or family use!

Take a look at these popular ranges of Vuly products:

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Vuly Frame

Vuly Thunder

Vuly with Shade

Vuly Lift

Vuly Basketball

Vuly Medium

Vuly Swing

Vuly Kit

Vuly Pro



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