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If you think the yo-yo is a thing of the past, think again! Mr Toys Toyworld has a fantastic range of yoyos and other skill toys that can enhance your child’s hand and arm coordination. Playing with the yo-yo involves learning new tricks, which will definitely excite both kids and adults alike. We have yoyos from the most reputable brands such as Yomega Brain Yo-Yo, Duncan Yoyos, and many… many more! Give your child a yo-yo today and they will begin doing some tricks one level at a time. As they continue to practice and play with their yo-yo, they will be able to perform more complex yo-yo tricks which you can certainly be proud off. See your child amaze your neighbours and buy yoyos and other skill toys at Mr Toys now!

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Yoyos and Skill Toys

How Well Can You Play with a Yo-Yo?

Yoyos are toys that we have loved for many years. Learning new tricks and performing them in front of people are what make playing with the yo-yo especially interesting for children. The thing is, even grownups can still enjoy playing with yoyos, figuring out how to perform the tricks younger players are doing.

What Yo-Yo Should You Buy for Your Children?

When buying a yo-yo, you should consider the level of skill of the one who’s going to play with it. We have yo-yo starter sets for beginners and yoyos specifically made for kids. If you are going to participate in competitions, we also have yoyos for professionals and exhibitionists. The thing is, Mr Toys has every type of yo-yo for all types of people – young and old!

What Skills Are Honed When You Play with the Yo-Yo?

Playing the yo-yo allows the player to develop some particular skills. Among them are the following:

  • Hand –arm and hand-eye coordination.
  • Learning new tricks and performing them in front of people boost self-confidence.
  • Consistent practice teaches focus and self-control.

What Are Some of The Popular Yo-Yo Selections and Accessories?

Here are some of the highly searched selections of yoyos at Mr Toys:

Duncan Yo-Yo
Yo-Yo Ball Bearings
Yomega Yo-Yo
Yotech Yo-Yo
When searching and shopping for yoyos and skill toys, make sure you visit Mr Toys Toyworld. We have yoyos for little ones, older kids, and long-time aficionados.



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