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Baby Annabell dolls are lifelike baby dolls that have features which make them look and function almost like real babies. Baby Annabell has a cute expression on her face, responds to touches, cry with realistic tears, moves her mouth when drinking from her bottle, and emit realistic sounds. She can babble, gurgle, yawn, and suck her pacifier. Children from ages 3 to 8 can experience being parents to Baby Annabell. The Baby Annabell doll can teach kids the values of responsibility and caring. Give your child a Baby Annabell doll and they will learn everything that a real baby needs in real life. Here at Mr Toys, we have an assortment of Baby Annabell dolls and the matching accessories your child needs to take care of their doll. From dummies to high chairs, from simple clothes to fabulous baby dresses, we have a stunning collection of colourfully designed accessories for your cute and adorable Baby Annabell doll.