Baby Born

Baby Born takes your child's role playing to a whole new level. Baby Born has realistic features and has the same needs as a newborn baby. When you buy Baby Born for your child, they become responsible for feeding, changing and burping it. Our selection of Baby Born dolls and accessories ensures your child has everything needed to take care of the baby. This lifelike dolls drinks from a bottle, wets diapers, cries and uses the potty. Baby Born is the most realistic doll available today. Visit our online shop today and browse our selection of Baby Born Dolls, you can buy Baby Born Food and Nappies as well as other necessary item to take care of the baby. Be sure to check out the new Interactive Baby Born.

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Baby Born Dolls

Baby Born is a baby doll that needs attention and care.  It has capabilities that are true to life such as drinking from a bottle, crying, and wetting its diaper.  This doll is set apart from others because it can perform all of these functions without batteries, ensuring the most realistic playtime possible.

Your child will explore the limits of her imagination as Baby Born dolls become princesses or participate in tea parties.  The doll comes in a pretty blue or pink outfit and matching hat.  Baby Born can also mimic the actions of a real baby when feeding, drinking, or tearing at the eyes.  Unlike many other active dolls, Baby Born can be taken in the bath and immersed in water.

Baby Born dolls come with an array of accessories that any real baby would need in its first few months.

This includes a plate, a spoon, a bottle, a potty, food, diapers, and a birth certificate.  When your child puts Baby Born on the potty, soft music can be heard.  When the potty is flushed, a small lamp lights up as you hear a flushing sound.


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