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Baby Born takes your child’s doll playing experience to a whole new level. The Baby Born doll is a baby, playmate, and best friend – all at the same time. This unique doll is embedded with 9 lifelike functions and can be played without the need for batteries. Let your child encounter an imaginative world that promotes precious parent-and-child moments in a special yet realistic way with Baby Born’s realistic newborn babies. More than 22 million Baby Born dolls have been sold all over the world since their introduction to the market in 1991. And since then, they have been the loving companions of millions of children all across the globe. Shop online for Baby Born dolls here on our website or visit our retail store near you, and give your child the chance to experience a Baby Born encounter, which they will cherish for a very long time.

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Baby Born

Baby Born’s Nine Lifelike Features

Since 1991, Baby Born dolls have captivated the hearts of millions of little children worldwide. These cuddly realistic baby dolls have been developed and refined throughout the years. Yet, what makes Baby Born dolls so enticingly adorable to little children? Kids may have different opinions on why they are so, but Baby Born’s manufacturers have these to say:

  1. They can cry. Softly press the upper chest and see realistic tears come out of its eyes.
  2. They can sleep. You will know it sleeps when it closes its eyes.
  3. They can drink. It drinks from its own baby bottle.
  4. They can wet their nappies. Change its nappy when it is wet.
  5. They can eat. Feed it with the Baby Born porridge.
  6. They can wee-wee and poo. Press its belly button and see how it wee-wees and poos.
  7. They can use the potty. If it wee-wees and poos, then you need to potty-train it.
  8. They can take a bath. Give it a real bath! It’s fully bathable.
  9. They can move. Of course, it can’t move on its own :), but it has movable arms and legs for easy dressing and undressing.

Intrigued with Baby Born’s 9 lifelike features?

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Our assortment of Baby Born dolls and accessories contains all the various models that will definitely give you hours of parenting fun. Hurry, buy a Baby Born doll and accessories for your child today.

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