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Are you searching for spinning tops that stand out from the ordinary? Enter Beyblade, the dynamic toy inspired by the battling Bei-Goma tops from Japan! With Hasbro’s third generation of Beyblade toys known as the Beyblade Burst, players can now manually assemble their Beyblades. Beyblade Burst tops can burst during battle. Players can mix and match the parts of different Beyblades to make their own customised battle tops. Challenge your friends and compete in thrilling battles! Level up the action and start your collection of Beyblade Burst tops. Buy them now at Mr Toys and get ready for battle!

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Prepare to Level Up with Beyblade Battle Tops

Beyblade is a popular anime series that has given birth to a real-life playground battle craze. Using a special launcher, players set their tops spinning in a plastic arena. As the tops careen around the arena, they slam into one another knocking the weakest spinner in the group. The last top that remains to be spinning wins! The latest addition to the evolution of Beyblade is the Beyblade Burst which is made up of 3 parts and can be assembled manually.

Types of Beyblade Burst Tops

There are 4 types of battle tops under the Beyblade Burst generation. They are:

  • Attack Beyblades
  • Stamina Beyblades
  • Defence Beyblades
  • Balance Beyblades
Customise Your Beyblade and Battle the Best Bladers in Your Neighbourhood

You can mix and match the parts from the different types and create new combinations, each with its own weaknesses and strengths. Pit them against other tops and witness how they burst as they knock out one another during battle.

You can also make use of Beyblade Burst Energy Layers, Beyblade Burst Forge Discs, and Beyblade Burst Performance Tips to enhance your Beyblade Burst tops. There is also the Beyblade Burst App which you can download from the App Store and Google Play.

Collect these thrilling Beyblade battle tops and engage in exciting battles with other players. Shop for them now at Mr Toys!



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