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Are you Looking for: Beyblade Stadium

Prepare your LAUNCHER, Beyblade is back, and competition is fierce. Our great selection of Beyblade Burst Battle Tops will keep you in the stadium longer to beat more players. The Official Beyblade Burst Stadium allows even more head to head fun!

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beyblade toys shop

are you looking for: beyblade stadium

prepare your launcher, beyblade is back, and competition is fierce. our great selection of beyblade burst battle tops will keep you in the stadium longer to beat more players. the official beyblade burst stadium allows even more head to head fun!

Beyblade Battle Toys

Beyblade is a popular anime series that has given birth to a real-life playground battle craze. Challenges aren't met with feet and fists, fortunately, but rather with a duel between small spinning tops. Using a special launcher, players set their tops spinning in a plastic arena. As the tops careen around the arena, they slam into one another and knock each other about. The last top still spinning wins!

Beyblade may seem silly, but if you think about it, it actually mirrors the appeal of a very old-fashioned and timeless game: marbles. Just as in marbles, the game is basically about bashing various pieces into one other, using your piece to mess up your opponent's chances to win. Also like marbles, the various tops used in this modern game are extremely collectible. There have been many different series of tops released, and diehard fans leap to collect them all. Another link to traditional, old-fashioned toys is that this toy is essentially just a spinning top--one of the oldest and simplest toys of all.

The playground game mirrors the anime series almost exactly, as the series basically consists of battle after battle between the hero's team and various opponents and rivals. In the TV show, the battles are hosted by the World Beyblade Battle Association. And in real life, toy companies also host world championship tournaments under this same name.

Time will tell if this toy craze survives long-term like Pokemon, or dies out like the ill-fated pogs. But for the moment one thing is for sure: Boys love these battle top toys! Pick some up today from Mr Toys.



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