Some Fun Facts About Aquaman: Comic and Movie Versions

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If you like the idea of being a superhero with underwater swimming powers, then we think you should take a good look at Aquaman! Arthur Curry a.k.a Aquaman is the most famous superhero associated with water, especially with 2 recent movies which made him more popular to a wider audience. King of Atlantis and an important member of the Justice League, this DC superhero has made mark in the minds of many fans across generations. From comic books and cartoons to live-action films and video games, Aquaman‘s character has evolved from just being a hero who can breathe underwater and communicate with sea creatures to a powerful protector of the 7 seas and the bridge between surface dwellers and Atlanteans.

If one of your favourite superheroes is Aquaman or you happen to be interested in superheroes in general, particularly the ones from DC, then you’re lucky to have come across this blog post. Read on and find the answers to some of the questions asked and debated upon by fans in comic book shops and forum exchanges about this popular underwater superhero.

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Aquaman's Origin Stories: When Was the First Aquaman Created?

Aquaman is a superhero with a rich history. He also has a variety of origin stories. Aquaman’s origin story has been changed several times by writers and publishers in different eras, depending on what suited their creative genius and the issues of the times. Unlike other DC superheroes, such as Batman, Superman, Green Arrow, and even Wonder Woman, we don’t have a definitive canon on how Aquaman came to be.

The character of Aquaman got its debut in More Fun Comics in 1941, which was one of the first publications of what would later be known as DC Comics.

Golden Age Aquaman

The original Aquaman of 1941 was not born from the water at all, and his mother was not a humanoid or mermaid from the sea. Both his mother and father were ordinary humans. His father was an ocean explorer and his mother died during childbirth. This seems to be a common theme for a publicly active superpowered hero.

His father was obsessed with the legend of Atlantis. In one of his explorations, he found a place under the sea which he believed to be the famed lost city. So he built a house on a small island near it. He spent time studying all the artefacts he could find, and pored over all the texts that revealed to him its lost culture and secrets. They included instructions on how to master the power of the sea, gain the ability to communicate with sea animals, and how to hold breath when underwater for a longer time.

He trained his son on these arts, who would later use his magnificent skills to battle the villains of their time and other forces that threatened humanity.

Silver Age Aquaman

This one is the most popular version in all of Aquaman’s origin stories…

In Aquaman's Silver Age origin, Aquaman's father was not a scientist but a simple lighthouse keeper. He rescued a woman named Atlanna when he found her lying on the shore beside a wrecked fishing boat after a vicious hurricane. They became a couple and Atlanna gave birth to a baby boy whom they named Arthur Curry.

Arthur’s father did not know Atlanna was the daughter of the King of Atlantis. As Arthur was growing up, he began to showcase some extraordinary ocean related powers; so his father started to have his suspicions.

Atlanna became terminally ill. So on her deathbed, she finally revealed to her family that she was not from the surface, that she was an Atlantean princess, and so on and so forth.

The young Arthur would later become the protector of the seas and hero of the surface world whom we now knew as Aquaman. In the 1970s version, Aquaman would also take his place as King of Atlantis and Ruler of the Seven Seas.

The Post-Crisis Version

The Post-Crisis version of the 1980s rewrote Aquaman's mythos.

In this origin story, baby Aquaman was born to Atlanna, princess of Atlantis, and a wizard named Atlan. He was born with a blonde hair, which to Atlanteans was nothing short of a curse. This meant that he had to be put to death. However, since his father was a sorcerer, baby Aquaman could breathe above water – which in this version, the people of Atlantis could not do. They wanted to kill baby Aquaman! Naturally, his mother, the Atlantean queen, was distraught. He was brought to an island to escape the wrath of the Atlanteans.

The baby was later found by a lighthouse keeper named Tom Curry. He would raise the child as his own and name him Arthur Curry.

Live-Action Aquaman Origin Story

The 2018 movie version of Aquaman, starring Jason Mamoa, has a similar origin story as the Silver Age Aquaman. Princess Atlana of Atlantis fell in love with a lighthouse keeper named Tom Curry, after she was found by the latter on a remote island. Yet, she was not supposed to marry a human. Tom was left to care for the child, and named him Arthur.

Aquaman’s ocean-related powers are inborn. Unlike other superheroes with super abilities, he did not acquire his special skills through a laboratory accident or experiment. He was born of an ordinary human and an Atlantean princess, who possessed the same powers as Arthur.

Young Aquaman discovered that he was destined to be the King of Atlantis. He secretly trained under Nuidis Vulko, a friend of his mother, so he could use his super abilities to protect both humans and Atlanteans against the Ocean Master who threaten their safety and existence.

So which of these origin stories do you prefer? Or maybe you know of Aquaman’s origin stories other than these?

Here's another fun fact? Did you know that Aquaman was not the first superhero of marine life? Prince Namor the Sub-Mariner from the Marvel Universe preceded him. Namor first appeared in 1939, two years earlier than the Golden Age Aquaman.

Justice League Question: Is Aquaman Faster than Superman?

If you go to your local comic book shop and ask the people there that same question, you’ll likely hear this reply, “Of course not! Aquaman loses to Superman when it comes to speed.”

OK, that’s understandable! It’s a quick answer to a quick question. However, if you provide more details to your question like who is faster when in water or who swims faster, then you may get a variety of responses from fan boys and fan girls. You may even get a debate going!

Both have superhuman strength, but we are pretty sure Aquaman does not fly like Superman. So pitting the 2 of them against each other when it comes to flying is out of the question.

Superman is known to be “faster than a speeding bullet” and “more powerful than a locomotive.” He flies, he runs, and he uses his super speed to save people from danger. The only thing that can slow him down (in other words, weaken him) is – yes, you guess it right – Kryptonite!

Now that complicates the debate. If you involve Kryptonite in a race between Aquaman and Superman, then the Aquaman will definitely win. The thing is, even if we put Kryptonite out of the discussion, DC Comics canon tells us that Aquaman is stronger and faster when underwater. But can Superman catch up? Let's find out!

Superman vs Aquaman Fun Facts: Speed and Abilities

It is said that Aquaman is faster than a speeding torpedo. If you are to look up the maximum speed of a torpedo, it is 10,000 km per second. That is approximately 1.9 miles per second.

Superman can fly at the speed of light when he is in outer space; that is 186,282 miles per second. On land, Superman can run at the speed of 2,000 miles per second.

So generally speaking, Superman is indeed faster than Aquaman and other superheroes for that matter (not to mind the Flash). The thing is, there is no given canon on how fast Superman can swim. So this is a debate no fan community can close easily, especially if they have a bias for or against the other.

What we can agree on, however, is that they both use their powers to defend mankind against evil. Superheroes are symbols! They make us believe that we too, as real people, can make the world a better place. That is something not up for debate! We don't need super abilities to help someone in need and stand for what is right.

Can Aquaman's Trident Hurt Superman?

Aquaman’s trident is a magical weapon that grants him the power and authority to rule Atlantis. It is thought to have been forged by a giant cyclops out of Neptune’s unbreakable essence. The trident enables its holder to have massive powers such as controlling the sea, creating tidal waves of mass destruction, changing the weather, and creating blasts of lightning. It can even turn living things into something else. The trident’s magic help Aquaman in protecting and maintaining order over and under the seas.

With its magical powers, Superman may have to think twice before attempting to fight against the trident's owner.

In the DC Comics mythology, it is said that Superman is vulnerable to magic (you see, Kryptonite is not the only weakness of the Man of Steel). So if you pit Aquaman against Superman, there is a likelihood that it may not end well for the Blue Boy Scout – as long as the King of Atlantis has his trident for his weapon.

If you are going to tackle this up on a debate, then you may need to take several factors into account – things such as where they are doing battle, how they are to do battle, and what they are to use when they battle.

Aquaman’ trident has some very powerful magic in it. If thrown directly at Superman and he is not able to duck down, then it can likely cause him damage. This is just a hypothetical scenario – something superhero nerds like to talk about to pass the time. Superman and Aquaman are good people and they are both on the same side.

Where Was the First Aquaman Movie Filmed?

Most of the scenes in the first Aquaman movie (starring Jason Momoa) were filmed in Village Roadshow Studios in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia (and our shops are near the area, in case you don't know), while the various lighthouse shots of the film were done in the coastal village of Hastings Point, New South Wales. The other parts of production were held in various places around the world such as Canada, Italy, and Morocco.

The production crew began shooting in May of 2017. From May to August of the same year, filming took place in a variety of locations along the coast of Australia – places like Main Beach, Coomera, Southport, Amity Point, and Hastings Point. In mid-October of the same year, they needed a scene on a desert so they brought the production to the cities of Erfoud and Merzouga in Morocco.

What We Can Learn from Superheroes

We all know that superheroes, with their powers and all, may not exist. However, their stories make us hope and believe that there is always something good in this world worthy of defending and promoting. They teach us that, no matter what happens, good will come out victorious against evil in the end.

In a way, the lessons we get from superheroes show us how to live ideal lives – like being altruistic, using one’s abilities for the good of others, enduring pain and suffering on account of something better.

We won’t be able to acquire those powers we read and see in comic books, TV shows, and movies; but we will always have the capacity to be good people and be better individuals as we evolve in our humanity.

Arthur Curry: The Aquaman Lesson

Aquaman is a story about finding one’s true nature, accepting who and what you truly are, and doing whatever it takes not to let anyone prevent you from taking ownership of your destiny. Arthur Curry needed to encounter a lot of challenges to finally get what should have been his from the moment he was born. He had to face his fear and accept the fact that it is part of his character – it’s OK to be afraid; the question is, what are you going to do about it.

It is also a story about family. You may not get along with certain members of your family, but in the end, blood is still thicker than water and no conflict can get in the way of a mother’s love.

Aquaman may not be 100% human and he is also not fully Atlantean. He may have felt he did not belong to either Atlantis or the surface world. However, he overcomes it all by accepting his true nature and by being a hero to humans and Atlanteans alike.

The next time you engage in a debate on who’s faster, stronger, or what not, remember that it’s not the abilities that determine a hero’s character but their decisions, choices, and actions – and that applies to us ordinary humans as well.

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