The Best Gift Ideas for Newborn Baby Girls

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It’s a GIRL! The new bundle of joy has arrived. Newborn babies have a way of bringing a special kind of happiness not just to the new mum (and dad of course), but also to the family and close friends. So if you’re thinking of giving some gifts to that cute little human being, there are lots of options to choose from. Though it is important to consider what gifts will benefit the new baby (specifically), make sure you also weigh up what will make the parents happy; after all, they’re going to be the ones to take care of their offspring most of the time.

If you’re looking to find the best gift ideas for newborn baby girls, Mr Toys offers you lots of great selections. Toys and fun stuff for kids are our speciality... and that includes fantastic gifts for newborn baby girls!

Are you ready to celebrate the arrival of that new beautiful baby girl? Choosing the perfect gift can be an exciting adventure! Whether you're a family member, a friend, or a neighbour, we've got some amazing new baby girl gift ideas that will bring joy to the little princess… and her parents. Let's dive right in!

Cute and Comfy: Soft and Snuggly Gifts for Newborn Baby Girls

Wrap your little bundle of joy in warmth and cosiness! Adorable patterns and fluffy materials are perfect for cuddling, nap time, and creating precious memories. Every little girl needs a furry friend to cuddle! From fluffy bunnies to lovable teddy bears, these companions will be by her side for countless adventures. Soft, huggable, and oh-so-cute plush toys are most often what girls will cherish even as they grow up.

10. VTech Sleepy Glow Bear

This soft and cuddly soothing bear is the perfect companion to help baby settle. It features a squishy body, soft furry feet and paws for tactile stimulation, and a soft glowing light with 2 settings that help soothe baby. Buttons on the bear’s tummy play loving phrases and nature sounds, including 2 sing-along songs and 40 melodies to help relax baby. Parent-friendly features include a light control switch to control the light intensity and a timer switch for 15 or 30 minutes play time. English speaking voice promotes recognition and accelerates learning.

9. In the Night Garden Soft Toys

Each Snuggly Singing In the Night Garden Soft Toy plays the song from the iconic CBeebies TV show when you squeeze its tummy. Each song is sung by the In the Night Garden narrator and plays for approximately 30 seconds every time its tummy gets gently squeezed. Press their tummy and sing along; squeeze their tummy again to stop the music! Super-soft and perfect for cuddles, each soft toy is made from a very soft and cuddly fabric making them a perfect cuddle companion.

8. Squishmallows

The iconic Squishmallows brand features collectable plush with lovable personalities, a whimsical design, and ultra soft feel. Squish... Collect... Repeat! They are the softest, cutest, cuddliest plushies around. Squishmallows also offer a full collection of everyday spring baby products!

Educational and Stimulating: Gift Ideas That Encourage Baby Girls' Development

Learning and play should go hand in hand! By choosing gifts that inspire curiosity and engagement, you're helping your baby girl develop essential skills while having a blast. So grab some building blocks and musical mobiles with character designs to strike up the band, and let her learning adventure begin! Great fun with motor and sensory enhancement awaits your baby girl on her playtime.

7. Playgro High Chair Spinning Toy

Around and around, the High Chair Spinning Toy will keep baby entertained when dining in or out! Fine motor skills are stimulated as baby grasps the spinning textured beads and playful ribbons. The suction base easily attaches to any smooth, flat surface and the rattle is detachable for take-anywhere play. This high chair toy is a playtime essential for all active families.

6. CoComelon Musical Train

All aboard the CoComelon Musical Train! Embark on a locomotive adventure with Conductor JJ. Press the musical stack to hear your favourite CoComelon songs! With free wheeling drive, your little one can explore all the fun adventures with JJ inside the vehicle. Choo Choo! Get ready for a playtime adventure with JJ the Conductor and the CoComelon Musical Train.

5. Fisher-Price Baby's First Blocks

Open a bucket of fun for your baby with the Baby's First Blocks set from Fisher-Price! These chunky, colourful blocks help introduce colours and shapes as babies sort, stack, and drop the blocks through the slots in the bucket lid. Empty the bucket to start the fun over again and again! With an easy-carry handle, you can take Baby's First Blocks wherever you and your tiny tot go. All that block-grasping and shape-sorting actions help strengthen your baby's hand-eye coordination and dexterity while enhancing their problem-solving skills.

4. LeapFrog Learn & Groove Thumpin’ Numbers Drum

Tap the top of the drum and it will light up to match the numbered tags' colours while saying the colour’s name or counting 1-10. Choose English or Spanish modes to learn about colours and numbers in both English and Spanish. Drum up your own beat in Drum Solo mode to add to reggae, pop, and Latin music styles. In Music mode, jam along to 12 children’s melodies. This plush drum is designed with textured fabric with colourful, numbered tags that add to sensory development and encourage touch. Take the show on the road using the easy-grab fabric handle for on-the-go play!

Nursery Necessities: Essential Gifts for Baby Girls' Sleeping and Bath Time

Babies need way more sleep than grownups! Ensure their nap time is as sound as it should be. Seeing the cute baby princess sleeping is pure joy to mum and dad. What about her first baths? Make sure you seize those precious moments! Capture baby's attention and create a soothing atmosphere for sleep or bath time. From rubber duckies to animal-themed onesies, you'll find something that will make her even more precious.

3. CoComelon JJ Musical Sleep Soother

Soothe your baby girl to sleep with the cuddly and beautifully soft CoComelon JJ pillow with 6 sleep inducing lullabies! CoComelon JJ Sleep Soother re-assures your baby and sings her gently to sleep with soft lights and auto off system. Soothing nursery rhyme songs include Nap Time Song, Yes Yes Bedtime, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Baa Baa Black Sheep, This Is the Way (bedtime edition), and Rain Rain go away – with pause function.

2. Yookidoo Submarine Spray Whale

Water play becomes extreme when you’ve got a submarine – especially one that loves to play catch with its buddy, the friendly whale! This award-winning duo turns bath time into a crazy water show as the submarine hose sprays bath water, turning the happy whale into a sprinkler, a racer, or a fill and pour water funnel.

1. Peppa Pig Bedtime Lullabies

This pretty-in-pink plush Peppa doll sings 3 songs and says 3 phrases, yawns and snores, and giggles too (snort)! She’s a lovely, snuggly pal for quiet times. This Oink-Along Peppa plush doll is 11 inches tall, wearing pink pyjamas, and holding her teddy-bear accessory. She's snuggly, so kids can hug her while they sing along. Babies can hear Peppa sing, talk, giggle, and oink (naturally) by pressing her tummy, covered by the heart on her pink jammies. With this adorable Peppa Pig plush toy, babies and toddlers are sure to look forward to lullaby time! They’re sure to enjoy singing along with Peppa and listening to her talk, giggle, and oink.

The best gifts come from the heart! Whether you choose a thoughtful present from this list or prefer to come up with a unique idea of your own, your love and effort will make your gift truly special. Celebrate the arrival of a baby girl with excitement and delight as you give her a gift she will enjoy using for years to come.

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