From Toy Trucks to Tech: The Best Toys for Boys 2024

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As they grow up, boys and girls will likely change their interests from time to time – and this goes true for the games and toys they play with! One minute they’re content with Play-Doh, then the next thing they want is a high-speed radio controlled monster truck. When shopping for cool toys for boys, it’s recommended to look for something that will fascinate their interest and hook them up for quite a long time – toys that they will enjoy for many years to come.

You’re in luck! Today, Mr Toys highlights the top toys and best gifts for boys this time of the year. Whether it’s Christmas gifts for boys or birthday presents for boys, we got you covered. Are you ready for a wild ride through an amazing list of fantastic gift ideas for boys? Buckle up and join us on an exhilarating journey as we uncover the most epic birthday, Christmas, and any day gifts for boys – across a variety of kids' ages (girls and boys alike). From the littlest adventurers to the coolest teens, Mr Toys has something to offer!

Best Toys that Stand the Test of Time: Classic Gift Ideas for Boys

Let's start with the classic ones! For those tiny tots with big imaginations, cuddly stuffed animals or colourful building blocks are perfect companions. And how about action figures to let their adventure story ideas soar? From spaceships and robots to police car and fire truck toys, they'll be pretend-playing with amazing real-life scenarios in no time.

FurReal Friends

Wondering if it is safe to let your little ones play with pets? Now with FurReal toys, your kids can experience the joy of having a real pet which they will love to feed, play, and snuggle with. Unlike other plush pets, FurReal Friends pets aren't intended to be merely watched or collected; they're designed to be played with, lived with, and loved. Engaging features can capture kids' attention, but it's the emotional bonds they develop with their pets that they’ll remember for years to come.

Mega Bloks

It’s time to build with MEGA Building Bloks! Building connections that last, MEGA Blocks inspires creativity through the power of connection. Proudly endorsed by Fisher Price, every Mega Bloks building toy connects with the next, providing endless building possibilities. Durable and safe, Mega Bloks’ blocks are the perfect construction tools for your child – even for babies as young as 12 months. Totally kid-friendly, they’re easy-to-grip and easy-to-stack! Mega Bloks aims to help little ones explore their senses, spark their imagination, and nurture early childhood development!


The Transformers are living, human-like robots with the unique ability to turn into vehicles or beasts. The stories of their lives, their hopes, their struggles, and their triumphs are chronicled in epic sagas that span an immersive and exciting universe where everything is “More Than Meets the Eye!” The Transformers is a classic toy franchise that continues to offer fun and excitement to generations of children and adults alike.

Hot Wheels

Since 1968, Hot Wheels has been providing thrilling vehicle experiences through innovative products and content to kids around the world. With a fan base of more than 41 million people, Hot Wheels produces the coolest concept cars imaginable. The Hot Wheels brand began as a line of sixteen 1:64-scale die-cast vehicles; today, it has evolved into a true, global entertainment brand.

Tech-Savvy Boys: The Latest and Greatest in Cool Electronic Gifts for Boys

It’s all about growth, exploration, and self-discovery! Our gift suggestions for the boys in the family are as unique as they are. For the tech-savvy boys, consider the latest gadgets and digital toys that transport them to virtual worlds of excitement. And let's not forget the power of music! From electronic keyboards to digital pianos, they'll be making beautiful melodies and rhythm in no time.

VTech Kidizoom Smartwatches

The perfect tech for kids, Kidizoom Smartwatch by VTech lets them take pictures and videos, play games, tell time, and more! Featuring a new sleek and stylish design, kids can also use the watch's motion sensor for active play challenges or to track steps. With the included Micro-USB cable, you can upload photos and videos as well as recharge the battery. The Kidizoom Smartwatch is a great multi-function watch like Mum and Dad's, but designed just for kids!

Traxxas RC Vehicles

Traxxas, the fastest name in radio controlled toys, is among the #1 selling name in ready-to-race nitro and electric RC crawlers, cars, and trucks. The boys will keep the fun going when they hold and operate a Traxxas RC toy as they amaze their friends with this new hobby. Traxxas’ performance and durability deliver an award-winning radio-controlled experience that’s designed to last for years.

Casio Keyboards

Casio’s innovative sound technology has revolutionised the world of music and has overturned various established concepts about musical instruments. Their electronic keyboards and digital pianos continue to promote the joy of music to ordinary people regardless of their musical backgrounds and skill level in playing music.

Best Gifts for Boys Who Love the Great Outdoors

Moving on to our energetic adventurers, let's equip them with gifts that match their outdoor spirit! How about some outdoor gear for their daring escapades? Scooters, bicycles, or skateboards will have them zooming around the neighbourhood with boundless delight. And for the sports enthusiasts, ball games, Nerf blasters, and competitive battle games will sharpen their physical dexterity and mental alertness.

Razor Scooters, Bikes, Ripsticks, and Hoverboards

The home of the iconic Razor Scooters, the Razor brand is a renowned innovator of outdoor fun! Find all kinds of awesome wheeled products for smooth and not-so-smooth terrains to be enjoyed by the whole family. Expect to have that perfect, electrifying ride you’ve always wanted. Where will your Razor take you?

Nerf Dart Blasters

Encourage your child to play outdoors by giving them NERF toys, blasters, and accessories! Playing NERF with friends is one of the best outdoor games for children. Accept no substitutes because there is only one Nerf. It’s NERF or nothing!

Sports Games

Playing sports cannot be called “sports” without the necessary toys and equipment. When looking for accessories and equipment for basketball, soccer, cricket, tennis, volleyball, netball, badminton, football, and many other sports and ball games, Mr Toys is here to help you find the right product. Shop now and play your favourite sports game today!

Best Artistic and Crafty Gift Ideas for Boys

Calling all creative boys! Are you ready for some artistic adventures? We've got the perfect gift ideas to unleash your imagination and crafty skills. Whether you're into painting, building, or designing, these gifts will have you creating masterpieces in no time! The sky's the limit when it comes to your artistic and crafty talents – so unleash your creativity and have a blast creating the most amazing artworks and crafts ever!

Crayola Art Kits

Crayola is more than just crayons! With Crayola, you can find a variety of art tools and supplies to fuel your creativity and passion for the visual arts. You can draw, sketch, colour, or paint! You can also create arts and crafts that you haven’t done before. Prepare your creative juices and shop for some Crayola art supplies that will allow you to create your greatest masterpiece yet.


Kids’ imaginative minds need creative toys for their play time. Play-Doh provides just that with a wide range of modelling, arts and crafts toys and playsets. Even adults can grab a Play-Doh mould to express their creativity. Inspire your child’s imagination by giving them a Play-Doh set today!


Faber-Castell is one of the world's leading manufacturers of high-quality products for writing, drawing, colouring, and creative design. A companion for life, Faber-Castell offers a wide range of stationery, art supplies, fountain pens, ballpoint pens, biros, pencils, coloured pencils, colouring kits for grown ups, and more.

Gift Ideas for Boys Who Love to Build and Create

Prepare the boys for thrilling escapades with awesome construction and building toys that will bring their ideas to life. Let their inner engineer shine with fantastic LEGO sets, where they can construct towering castles or speedy race cars. These gifts will unleash their creativity and provide hours of endless fun. But wait, we're not done yet! Sprinkle some extra magic into your gift-giving with DIY and STEM craft kits that allow them to create their own inventions.

LEGO Technic

Six-year old boys and above can learn as they play and explore their passion for engineering with detailed LEGO Technic designs. Featuring functioning gearboxes, wheels, and axles, each build will help grow their understanding of the intricate details that propel the cars, planes, motorbikes, and construction vehicles. The models can be enhanced further with the CONTROL+, a free app that can interact with many motorised LEGO Technic RC toys to add elements like movement and sound. LEGO Technic is also an excellent gift for advanced adult builders!

LEGO Architecture

LEGO Architecture sets are the best gifts for 12-year old boys (and over) who have the penchant for architecture and structural designs. Whether they're fascinated by STEM, famous buildings, or landmarks, LEGO’s architectural model building kits and toys will challenge and impress all builders! We have LEGO sets that replicate structures from all around the world such as New York City, London, Paris, Tokyo, Singapore, Sydney, and more!

Meccano Construction

Meccano is one of the oldest construction systems in the world, but its mission has always stayed the same – to inspire builders everywhere and bring their imagination to life. Grab a Meccano construction set and get your gears turning! Build and customise your model today. What will you invent?

Remember, the best gifts for boys and girls are those that reflect their unique interests and dreams. Whether it's unleashing their imagination, encouraging their love for sports, or nurturing their thirst for knowledge, these presents will bring smiles and create memories to last a lifetime.

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