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Hot Wheels toys are a classic! You may even have some of your Hot Wheels cars from your childhood years tucked away in your cabinet. Now that you’re an adult, it’s time for you to share with your own children that joy you experienced back in the days. Buy them some exciting Hot Wheels toy cars and accessories! Mr Toys’ selection of Hot Wheels includes singles and multi-packs at prices you cannot find in other stores. We have Team Hot Wheels, Launchers, and Stunt Sets. You will find race sets with tracks, haulers, and many other Hot Wheels vehicles and toys. Order your Hot Wheels today and introduce your child to the fast-paced world of Hot Wheels.

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Hot Wheels

Get Ready to Race with the Hottest Hot Wheels Toy Cars in the Market

While children may still be too young to drive a real car, there is nothing stopping them from taking part in the coolest and fastest action on four wheels. Hot Wheels toy cars are known for their wide range of styles, as well as for innovative tracks that allow children to play and race their cars through 360 degree loops, pass through incredible inclines, and roll over ramps like what we see in action packed movies.

There are many different Hot Wheels cars and tracks available at Mr Toys. If you are looking to buy Hot Wheels, look no further than Mr Toys, which offers the latest and most exciting Hot Wheels cars available from Mattel. Children will race like real pros once they get their hands on these amazing toys.

Frequently Asked Questions about Hot Wheels

Who invented the idea for Hot Wheels?

Mattel co-founder, Elliot Handler, invented Hot Wheels with the help of Harry Bradley, an accomplished auto designer and rocket scientist of his time.

How did the name Hot Wheels came about?

“Those are some hot wheels!” was what Elliot Handler said to Harry Bradley when they first met on a parking lot. The words stuck with them ever since.

What was the model of Harry Bradley’s car which Elliot Handler saw when they first met?

Bradley’s car, which Handler saw when they first met, was an El Camino model.

What does the year on the bottom of the Hot Wheels toy indicate?

The year on the base of a Hot Wheels car indicates when the design was first copyrighted. This is usually the year before the toy’s initial release – and not the year it was manufactured.

What is the first Hot Wheels car?

The Custom Camaro is the first car model designed and released by Hot Wheels, which was followed by 15 other cars. These first 16 models are called the “Original Sweet 16.”

What’s the most valuable Hot Wheels toy to date?

The Volkswagen Beach Bomb prototype that features surfboards hanging out of the rear window is the most valuable Hot Wheels toy to date. However, because of its narrow body and top-heavy frame, its initial design was not able to catch up with the brand standards of the time, and so was never put to mass production.

Where is the original Volkswagen Beach Bomb prototype right now and what is its value?

The original Volkswagen Beach Bomb prototype currently belongs to the famed Hot Wheels collector, Bruce Pascal, and is worth a striking value of $150,000.

Is there a life-sized Hot Wheels car?

Yes, there is! Hot Wheels presently has 20 life-sized cars available.

What model was used for the first life-sized Hot Wheels car?

The Twin Mill of 2001 was the first ever built life-sized Hot Wheels car model.

Who has the most number of Hot Wheels toys as of date?

A guy named Bruce Pascal owns the largest Hot Wheels collection as of date. His collection amounts to a staggering 1 million US dollars.

What is the cheapest Hot Wheels car?

There is really no “cheapest” Hot Wheels cars. This is because the price of a basic Hot Wheels toy never changed since its first release, which amounts to 98 cents to 1 USD.

2018 was Hot Wheels’ 50th anniversary. How did the company commemorate it?

To celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2018, Hot Wheels launched a real-life Chevrolet Camaro in 2017 (one year early) in honour of the first model they ever built.



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