The Best Toys for 13 Years and Up 2024

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It may seem short, but for many, it’s also the most fun stage of their lives! That’s how a lot of people describe teenage life. Well, there are many reasons why being a teenager is so much fun, and here are a few of the best ones.

  • Teenagers enjoy greater freedom than they used to when they were younger.
  • With freedom, comes more socialising and spending time with friends.
  • There's a wider range of movies and shows they can watch and enjoy.
  • Because it’s the period between childhood and adulthood, they can still experience the fun of being a child.

Of course, all of the above have to be coupled with responsibility!

With this in mind, Mr Toys takes the pleasure of highlighting the coolest toys teenagers are talking about these days. Have a look at this year’s coolest gift ideas, including best educational gifts, for kids aged 13 years and over!

Construction and Engineering Toys

Construction and engineering toys are designed to foster creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills among older kids. These toys typically involve building structures or assembling mechanical components. They often come with detailed instructions or blueprints to guide your young adult through the construction process. Popular options include building sets like LEGO Technic, Meccano, and K'Nex which let you construct simple to complex models of real-life vehicles or machines. They encourage hands-on learning of engineering principles and design concepts. Additionally, some construction and engineering toys incorporate features like motors, sensors, or programmable elements – specifically helpful for kids who are into robotics and automation.

LEGO Technic

Kids aged 13 years and above can learn as they play when they explore the details and designs of LEGO Technic model sets. Featuring functioning gearboxes, wheels, and axles, each build will help teens understand the intricacies that propel cars, planes, motorbikes, and other vehicles to make them work. Once assembled, these toy machines can be enhanced further with the CONTROL+, a free app that can interact with many motorised LEGO Technic remote control toys. The app lets you add elements like movement and sound, allowing teens to complete challenges and share with friends.


Being one of the oldest construction systems in the world, Meccano has always been inspiring young builders and aspiring engineers to bring their imaginations to life. When teenagers build and play with Meccano sets, they get their gears turning and their creativity soaring. It's a great gift for STEM learners!


K’NEX prides itself on connecting science, technology, engineering, arts, and maths with imagination. STEAMagination can be found in every K’NEX set. With K’NEX, building dreams become a fun-powered, 3-D reality! The K’NEX product line has been making toys specially designed for every age group and skill level. From the living room to the board room, K’NEX is proud to help inspire the builders of tomorrow!

For more choices of construction and engineering toys, click here!

Science Toys for Teenagers

Spark your teen’s curiosity and interest in various scientific disciplines by giving them science toys. Let them experience hands-on experiments and discoveries in the world of science. Science toys allow them to explore the many aspects of the things around us, including the universe. These toys often include chemistry sets, microscope kits, and telescopes among many others. Science toys encourage teenagers to engage in critical thinking, problem-solving, and experimentation while promoting a deeper understanding of scientific concepts. Inspire your future scientist and foster a lifelong love for learning about the natural world with science toys!

Chemistry Sets

Give your teenager a chemistry set and introduce them to the wondrous world of scientific discoveries. Chemistry sets are equipped with various lab kit accessories such as balance scales, beakers, test tubes, funnels, magnifying glasses, and more. The kits also come with laboratory books and manuals with detailed instructions for a variety of fun, safe experiments. Science-loving teens will like science even more as they gain more knowledge ahead of their classmates in school once they begin playing and experimenting in the garage or backyard.


For teenagers who love to play with science toys, giving them a microscope set is a sure way to encourage their passion. They will be thrilled to take a peek at their microscope and see how tiny objects look like when enlarged. Curious and adventurous teens may try experimenting on drops of water from the pond to see what microscopic specimens can be found in it. Made by reputable science toy manufacturers, our microscope kits are teen-friendly – with features and accessories to safely assist them in their experiments.


It’s a magical moment when you look at the skies and stars through the lens of a telescope! The experience is rewarding, fascinating, and not to mention FUN! The timeless pastime of stargazing through a telescope is something teenagers don’t want to miss. Our fantastic range of telescope sets will amaze both beginners and long-time hobbyists. We have telescopes and binoculars that you can use for viewing the horizons, gazing the stars, or watching a game at the stadium. Aspiring astronomers can pursue their passion as they peruse the heavenly bodies at night using our telescope sets.

For more science and learning toy options, click here!

Outdoor Toys for Teenagers

Encourage physical activity, social interaction, and exploration by giving your teenage child outdoor toys! Provide them with tools for thrill and mobility, involving sports that promote friendly competition and teamwork. Outdoor toys allow teens to engage in active play and be aware of their surroundings. See your teen embark on outdoor adventures and connect with nature. The great thing about outdoor toys is that they provide avenues for exercise, socialisation, and appreciation of the great Australian outdoors.

Wahu Beach Toys and Water Games

Wahu has so many amazing beach toys and water games that you’ll find it hard to pick just one. Brace yourselves for spade loads of beach and pool fun with Wahu's water sports toys and games. Wahu has beach games a-plenty for riotous surf-side amusements. Splashing at the beach, surfing, or snorkelling whenever you want, Wahu has something for you!

Syma Smart Drones

It’s a drone like no other! Extend your visuals by exploring the world with a Syma Drone. With its advanced barometric pressure technology and hover function, it has an enhanced photo shooting stability which reduces the blurring of shooting. Some sets are equipped with Bluetooth speaker and camera, so you can live-stream and more!

Slackers Slacklines

Teenagers can elevate their play when they use Slackers Slacklines! The colourful prism design of Slackers adds a fun twist to the classic slacklining kits while improving balance and strengthening core muscles. Kids will feel like they’re walking on air even though they’re never far from the ground. Just don't forget to wear helmet, wrist guards, and other safety gear!

Sports Toys

Playing sports can’t be called “sports” without the necessary toys and equipment. When looking for accessories and equipment for basketball, soccer, cricket, tennis, volleyball, netball, badminton, football, and many other sports and ball games, Mr Toys is here to help you find the right product. Shop now and play your favourite sports game today!

For more selections of outdoor toys, click here!

Indoor Games for Teenagers

Some great gifts for 13 year olds and up do not involve going outside. There are times when kids just need to stay inside the house. For the homebodies, thrill and excitement are not far behind. There's a meaningful gift waiting for them at Mr Toys! Hidden adventures are lurking in our shelves, just like what your teenage child reads in their favourite graphic novel. We may not have graphic novels in stock, but we definitely host a variety of board games, card games, and other indoor games that will excite your young teen and the whole family.

Trivia and Quiz Games

Here's your best bet for teenage homies who love to read and are buffs when it comes to encyclopedia knowledge, without excluding the geeks in pop culture! Put everyone's knowledge to the test and play some trivia and quiz games! Whether you got it from school, heard from TV or radio, or read it from a book or magazine somewhere, it's time to challenge every bit of information you know. It's going to be a hilarious game of quizzes tonight!

Mystery and Detective Games

For up to four players or even more, detective and mystery games are a sure hit to those who like reading detective novels or watching mystery shows and movies. Follow the step by step instructions to make sure you don't exceed or fall short on the number of players needed for a gripping game play with family or friends.

More indoor game alternatives await your teenage kids when you click here!

Birthday Gifts, Holiday Gifts: What Are the Best Gifts for 13 Year Old Kids and Up?

The best gifts for teenagers are those that engage their minds, bodies, and social connections. Whether it's science and engineering toys that promote critical thinking, indoor games for wholesome relaxation, or beach and outdoor toys that encourage physical activity and exploration, the key is to provide a balance of fun, learning, and personal development. By choosing toys that align with their interests and developmental needs, teenage kids can have enriching experiences that foster creativity, problem-solving skills, and a lifelong love for exploration and discovery.

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