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Open your child's eyes to the wondrous world of science with the quick thinking precision of Edu Science. From mad science experiments in the lab to exploring the wonders of nature in the great outdoors, your little one will be able to make sense of the world around them and learn all kinds of fun and interesting facts to share. Your Little young scientists will love conducting experiments with engaging physics and chemistry sets from. He or she will be excited to start experimenting and their parents will be happy they have a new educational hobby. Providing a great introduction to the sciences, our chemistry and physics sets come equipped with balance scales, beakers, test tubes, funnels, magnifying glasses, and more, along with laboratory books, detailing instructions for a variety of experiments. Kids who fall in love with science will have an advantage in school. Aside from the obvious relation to the fields of chemistry and physics, learning how to formulate and test a hypothesis and generally think like a scientist will come in handy countless times throughout their life.

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