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Open your child's eyes to the grand world of science and chemistry with our fabulous range of chemistry sets. From awesome science experiments to laboratory experiences, children can explore and discover the wonders of chemistry. Learning chemistry will allow them to make sense of how our physical world works and find new interesting facts about nature. Your little scientist will have fun doing experiments as they observe and discover simple scientific breakthroughs. Parents will be happy to see their children work and play in a fun yet safe manner. Shop for chemistry kits and lab sets here at Mr Toys and let your child discover the marvels of science in a whole new exciting way.

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Chemistry Sets

Chemistry Sets for Kids

Giving your child a chemistry set is a great way to introduce them to the wondrous world of scientific discoveries. Our chemistry sets are child-friendly and are equipped with various lab kit accessories such as balance scales, beakers, test tubes, funnels, magnifying glasses, and more. The kits also come with laboratory books and manuals with detailed instructions for a variety of fun, safe experiments. Science-loving kids will love science even more as the gain more knowledge ahead of their classmates in school once they begin playing and experimenting with chemistry sets from Mr Toys.

Chemistry Kits for Little Young Scientists

Let your child do their experiments with chemistry kits from Mr Toys. Our chemistry kits are well-designed to be used by children so they can learn science without compromising the fun they deserve.

Mr Toys’ range of chemistry kits are simple and easy to use. Kids will learn the essentials easily. Parents will appreciate the non-complex and safe features of our chemistry kits, with instructions that both children and grownups can understand.
So buy chemistry kits and accessories here at Mr Toys and encourage your child to become a scientist when they grow up.



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