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Crayola is the only name you need to know when you are shopping for art supplies. Crayola offers every colour under the rainbow and beyond. Our online selection of Crayola products includes the basic like crayons, chalk and paints as well fun Colour Explosion Sets and Airbrush kits. No other crayon or marker lives up to the colour of Crayola. Give your child the best in art supplies. Shop our online toy store and order their Crayola supplies for school and home arts. We have the best pricing online and in our amazing toy stores. We can deliver your Crayola products to your door anywhere in Australia.

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Crayola Continues to Delight Kids!

Since1903, Crayola has created crayons that have provided fun for children around the world.  They continue that tradition with their latest batch of products.  They certainly are no longer just a crayon company!  Have you ever wanted to create your own magic markers?  With Crayola’s Marker Maker, you can do just that.  Create your own personalized colour markers in just a few minutes.  By following the instructions on the mixing guide, you can create colours or design your own.  The core of the marker will draw in the ink.  All you have to do is click it together and your marker is finished.

More Crayola!

The Crayola Marker Airbrush Kit uses your regular Crayola markers to create a fun kid powered airbrush to make fun new art! The set includes drawing stencils and you can even use on fabric.

With the Light Sketcher, kids can go big with their own creations.  The sketcher has special gel markers.  Simply turn off the lights and draw on the face of the tablet.  Ordinary drawings are brought to fluorescent life. Pictures are shown in a new bold and bright way.

These are just a few of the products offered.  Check out Crayola at Mr Toys Toyworld today!



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