Buy Kinetic Sand and Sand Toys

The original squeezable sand that your child can’t put down is here! Discover Kinetic Sand, the toy sand that shimmers in your hand. Making sculpture becomes so easy with this magical toy sand. Kinetic Sand has the same look and texture as the wet sand you can find on the beach – but safer and cleaner for children to play with. Once they have finished playing, they can keep it in a special container and play with it again later. Bond with your little one by building sand castles, digging trenches, and pretending you are at the beach! It’s definitely going to be beach-ly fun playing with this amazing toy sand. Plus, it comes in different colours! Mix, shape, and squish Kinetic Sand like you’ve never done before. You will be mesmerised by the sand effects your child can create. Release your child’s creativity with the magic of Kinetic Sand. Bring home the fun from the beach by buying Kinetic Sand at Mr Toys!