Top 10 Best LEGO Technic Sets 2024

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Do you love seeing how machines work? You might have seen videos on Instagram or TikTok of some amazing machines and what they do. And we mean real functioning machines with moving parts! Mechanically savvy LEGO fans, listen up! If you’re way past playing with easy-build bricks and toys for younger kids, then it’s time to step up and enter into the realm of the LEGO Technic range.

Be awe-inspired as you build realistic replicas of trucks, sports cars, choppers, construction vehicles, and robots. What’s more is that these authentic models are real functioning machines – they move… they turn… they roll!

Featuring intricate details, working gearboxes, wheels, and axles, LEGO enthusiasts and budding little engineers will have a great time building and understanding how complex machines work. LEGO Technic will let you discover and explore your passion for engineering, as you learn what makes automobiles, flying machines, and construction vehicles move and operate.

Discover Your Passion for Engineering with LEGO Technic

For LEGO enthusiasts who love a challenging build, the LEGO Technic set is definitely something they would want. This unique LEGO line is not for someone who likes easy building tasks. The extra challenge that the LEGO Technic brings will test your skill in creating intricate yet fully functional LEGO masterpieces. Also, LEGO Technic is a perfect gift for older children to help them develop their dexterity and problem-solving skills.

LEGO Technic features a range of different vehicles to build and collect, but the fun does not stop there! Once assembled, you will have a functioning vehicle toy ready for display or to play with. Your children will be amazed at the level of detail that these LEGO models boast – with features such as full steering, moving pistons, and lifting capabilities. There is nothing quite like the thrill of completing the construction of a LEGO Technic vehicle. Your children will definitely enjoy the experience of assembling their own Technic machine.

Make a Functional Vehicle with a LEGO Technic Set

If your child likes to play with cars, trucks, and other toy vehicles, then they will likely love the challenge of constructing advanced LEGO sets. A LEGO Technic set will certainly make their day!

LEGO Technic allows you to assemble detailed replicas of real vehicles, the likes of which LEGO has only hinted in the past. You can find them all here at Mr Toys. Our website’s easy interface will help you spot the right set that suits your child’s interests and level of skill – be it an automobile or an aircraft.

When you give your child a Technic vehicle, you help them bring their high-octane dreams to life. LEGO Technic sets will let your child construct various super vehicles from race cars and police interceptors to jets and helicopters. There are sets that resemble powerful crawler cranes, too!

Regardless of whatever LEGO Technic model you choose, each set comes with building instructions that not only focus on the outer aesthetics, but on the inner mechanisms as well. You and your child will enjoy assembling the set together – a perfect bonding opportunity for the both of you. Aside from that, your child can also learn a few things about simple machines and basic engineering; they will know the mechanisms of steering systems, functional propellers, moving pistons, retractable landing gear, adjustable rear spoiler, front and rear suspension, and grabbing and lifting devices.

The Top 10 Biggest LEGO Technic Sets This Year

Time to get the ball rolling! See this year’s most impressive LEGO Technic sets that will bring out the engineer in you. Read on!

10. LEGO Technic NASA Mars Rover Perseverance 42158

SKU: 1168863

Learn more about the challenges of space exploration with this LEGO Technic NASA Mars Rover Perseverance model! This set includes a buildable toy version of NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter which accompanied the Perseverance Rover and was used to test powered flight on Mars. There's an augmented reality app that lets you experience the details of the rover and its mission. It features 360° steering, movable arms, and fully articulated suspension that lets the vehicle travel across uneven surfaces. This Mars Perseverance Rover toy makes a great gift idea for kids with a passion for space exploration or science and technology projects. Set also includes buildable scientific instruments.

9. LEGO Technic Lamborghini Huracán Tecnica 42161

SKU: 1168925

Super sports car enthusiasts will have a challenge to remember when they assemble all the details of this LEGO Technic Lamborghini Huracán Tecnica model. Build and explore the moving V10 engine, including the steering and opening doors! Inspired by the original, this Lamborghini model car features a classic green colour scheme. After building and exploring the car, kids can display their model with pride!

8. LEGO Technic Bugatti Bolide 42151

SKU: 1163680

Kids, motorsports fans, and car enthusiasts will experience a challenging build when they assemble the details of this LEGO Technic Bugatti Bolide model. Build and explore the working W16 engine, including the steering and scissor doors! Inspired by the original, this model features a yellow and black colour scheme and comes with sticker details to add to the finishing touch.

7. LEGO Technic Audi RS Q e-tron 42160

SKU: 1168924

Kids who love rally cars can explore new engineering skills as they build a LEGO Technic model of the Audi RS Q e-tron 2022 Dakar rally car. They will love putting their remotely controlled rally car to the test using the CONTROL+ app to drive forwards and backwards, and steer the car. This set incorporates many features from the real Audi RS Q e-tron rally car, including a new Technic wheel element created especially for this model. Just like the real thing, this model version features independent suspension on each of the 4 wheels.

6. LEGO Technic PEUGEOT 9X8 24H Le Mans Hybrid Hypercar 42156

SKU: 1164084

It's a celebration of 100 years of race action at Le Mans 2023! This authentic LEGO Technic PEUGEOT 9X8 24H Le Mans Hybrid Hypercar model is for kids and adults who are fans of Peugeot cars. Build the hybrid system with a V6 piston engine. Check out the opening doors, including the steering and suspension on the front and rear, designed especially for this model. Add the finishing touches to your model with the livery graphics and sponsor logos. The set includes LEGO Technic light elements that glow in the dark to capture the atmosphere from a real 24-hour race.

5. LEGO Technic Yamaha MT-10 SP 42159

SKU: 1168923

Enjoy a rewarding project, building a replica version of the most powerful Yamaha motorcycle in the "hyper naked" category! Download the LEGO AR app to experience your finished project in a different way. This model incorporates many features from the full-size motorcycle, including LEGO Technic versions of the 4-cylinder engine and the 3-speed transmission. Gearbox elements include a shift drum, shift fork, gear shift ring, and ratchet drum.

4. LEGO Technic Liebherr Crawler Crane LR 13000 42146

SKU: 1164088

Re-create one of the world’s most powerful cranes and enjoy an immersive challenge as you build the LEGO Technic Liebherr Crawler Crane LR 13000 set! This crane building kit is one of the largest models in the LEGO Technic line. Use the CONTROL+ app to control this mighty crane, and see vehicle stats including challenges for you to try. Check out the tank steering, rotating turntable, luffing jib, winch, and load-sensing features. This model building kit comes with 2 smart hubs and 6 large motors (included) to power the articulated functions; 12x LR AA batteries (not included) are required.

3. LEGO Technic 2022 Ford GT 42154

SKU: 1164076

Re-create all the details of the 2022 Ford GT with the LEGO Technic 2022 Ford GT set! This Ford GT model features details inspired by the real thing, like the V6 engine with moving pistons, independent suspension on all wheels, and front-axle steering. Take your time assembling details like the rear-wheel drive with differential, opening doors, adjustable spoiler wing, and opening hood. Download the LEGO Builder app, and keep your building instructions organised and at hand with tools that let you zoom in and rotate models in 3D; you can also save and track your progress.

2. LEGO Technic Mercedes-AMG F1 W14 E Performance 42171

SKU: 1171302

The LEGO Technic Mercedes-AMG F1 W14 E Performance building kit is packed with authentic details to delight motorsport fans. Features include slick tyres, plus steering that can be controlled using the working steering wheel or with the knob on top of the car. Other exciting features include the differential 6-cylinder engine with its moving pistons, plus the opening wing inspired by the real-world car’s DRS. With authentic livery details, this model can be admired from every angle; so celebrate your building achievement by placing it on display!

1. LEGO Technic McLaren Formula 1 Race Car 42141

SKU: 1154587

Construct a detailed replica of McLaren’s 2022 F1 car with this LEGO Technic McLaren Formula 1 Race Car building set! The LEGO designers worked closely with the team at McLaren Racing, with both sets of experts developing their version of the car at the same time for the 2022 race season. Features include the V6 cylinder engine with moving pistons, steering, suspension, and differential for precision cornering. This McLaren F1 replica offers LEGO builders the opportunity to become immersed in their passion, letting them enjoy a mindful build with an impressive display piece to relish. Included in the package is a coffee-table-style instruction, explaining the collaboration between McLaren Racing and the LEGO designers. Add the finishing touch to your model by adding sponsor stickers, like those seen on a real F1 race car!

Other LEGO Technic Sets

The other LEGO Technic sets that made it to the list in previous years are the Lamborghini Sián FKP 37 (42115), Bucket Wheel Excavator (42055), Rough Terrain Crane (42082), BMW M 1000 RR (42130), NASCAR Next Gen Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 (42153), Enzo Ferrari (8653), and Airbus H175 Rescue Helicopter (42145).

The advanced mechanism of LEGO Technic building sets makes them a must-have for older children who are interested in complex assembly. Even teenagers who have outgrown their old LEGO sets will likely enjoy challenging their building skills with LEGO Technic. There is a sense of realism to these LEGO sets that many other toys simply cannot rival.

Browse through our web store now and start shopping for awesome LEGO Technic sets!

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