Things to Watch Out for When Caring for Your Tamagotchi

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They're back… and with a bang! The adorable virtual pets that got us hooked back in the days are here once again to give the next generation a touch of thrill and delight, with a lesson on caring and responsibility. The Tamagotchi by Bandai is the digital pet (slash virtual pet) that brings you a virtual adventure not even a real animal can provide!

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Tamagotchis Are Back: Here's How to Keep Them Alive

Playing with your new Tamagotchi toy is fun, but it also teaches responsibility. After all, it is a pet and pets need care and nurture. Your journey with the Tamagotchi begins when you hatch the new egg. Once you’ve hatched your baby Tama, you should prepare yourself to learn as you go. Learning to care for your Tamagotchi is essential for you and your pet to have the best relationship and to prolong the life of your Tama.

When caring for your Tamagotchi pet, you should take note of the following things…

Happiness and Hunger

The words say it all! The happiness and hunger meter tells you how happy (or sad) and how hungry (or not) your Tamagotchi is. In Bandai Tamagotchi's original release, happiness and hunger go together, but there are other factors that can affect the happiness of your Tama – like playing and training.

Balance Meals and Snacks

Make sure you feed your Tamagotchi pet regularly or whenever it is hungry. You can either feed it with a MEAL or SNACK depending on the need. Avoid over-feeding your pet; it might have some not-so-good effects later on (see Weight and Growth below).

The Call of Nature

Just like normal pets (and people as well), your Tamagotchi will occasionally heed the call of nature (yes, it needs to poop and pee). It’s your duty to attend to it and clean it up afterwards; otherwise your pet will get sick!

Don’t worry, though! Your Tama pet will perform a short yet amusing dance before having an “accident.” So make sure you watch out for that lest they make a mess. Yet, even if they do make a mess, you should clean it up and do better care next time. Practice makes perfect!

Sickness and Meds

Every pet needs tender loving care (or TLC), and so it is with your Tamagotchi! There will be times when your Tama would be touched by the sick bug. If such case occurs, just make use of the three buttons under the screen, click the FIRST AID, and give your Tama its medicine.

Weight and Growth

Every time you feed your Tamagotchi, its weight will increase. It’s important that you also play with your Tama from time to time to keep its weight in check. It’s bad for the Tamagotchi to be overweight! In certain releases, an overweight Tamagotchi becomes moody and naughty.

So make sure you exercise your Tama regularly by playing with it! Besides, playing with your Tamagotchi adds to its happiness training meter.

Tamagotchi Growth Processs

Care Mistakes and Discipline

A care miss, care mistake, or miss care relates to the times you missed attending to the needs of your Tamagotchi, which we discussed above. This is a major factor on what kind of character your Tama will grow into or how long (or short) it will stay alive.

Previously, we mentioned that the Tamagotchi can become moody and naughty. So just like parents taking care of their children, you too may have to discipline your Tama on occasions when it's behaving less like an angel.

In most cases, it’s difficult to identify the exact number of care misses you made. You will get to know it once your pet character has died.


The death of the Tamagotchi pet is the final stage of its life cycle. At this stage, you will be able to see its age and the number of care misses you made. More often than not, your Tama’s life depends on the amount of care and nurture you give into it.

So what causes the death of a Tamagotchi character?

1. Care Misses

Care mistakes are the most common issue that causes the early death of a Tamagotchi character. The more care misses you have, the likely it gets to die early.

As mentioned, care misses also determine the kind of character your Tamagotchi will grow into. In some cases when the owner has too many care mistakes, the Tamagotchi character will just run away.

2. Sickness

Sickness too is related to care misses! Obviously, if you don’t clean it up after it poops or don’t give it medicine when it’s touched by the sick bug, it will eventually have prolonged sickness. Leaving your Tamagotchi pet sick for a long time will certainly increase the likelihood of death.

However, the great thing about Tamagotchi toys is that you can reset their lives and begin all over again. You can even have multiple Tamagotchis under your care! You learn from your past mistakes and resolve to be a more caring and nurturing pet owner this time.

The New Generation of Tamagotchi

A new generation of Tamagotchi characters from Japan is coming to Mr Toys soon, and they are like hungry hearts seeking to connect with new owners. Bandai Tamagotchi releases the all-new Tamagotchi Uni!

Tamagotchi Uni lets you connect with the Tamaverse, the metaverse where pet owners around the globe together with their Tamagotchis can meet virtually and play mini games. It's a multi-character game where your thumbs and the "three buttons" are at work.

Hang out with other players and their personalised UniTama. Send your Tamagotchi character to the TamaVerse and let it develop its own personality, while playing games and connecting with the community.

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