Fun and Creative Easter Games for Kids

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The Bilby is on the chase because Easter comes once again to bring hope and cheer to Australian homes! Gather the entire family to celebrate Easter with the spirit of joy and togetherness. This autumn, we invite both children (and grownups) to loosen up and join in the fun. Once you're done savouring those delicious cupcakes and chocolates, it’s time to get up and enjoy some fun activities that are sure to excite everyone who wants to participate. This year’s Easter is definitely not going to pass without the colourful festivity and the hopeful celebration of life.

Looking for some amazing gifts for your annual Easter gift-giving? Why not browse through some of the Best Easter Gift Ideas for Kids and Adults?

If you’re wondering what games are great to play this Easter, you’re in luck... because Mr Toys turns the spotlight on some of the most awesome Easter game ideas. Pump up the excitement and take note of these exciting Easter games for kids (and kids-at-heart). Everyone can participate and have fun!

Indoor Fun Easter Games for Kids (and Adults too)

Prefer to celebrate Easter indoors? We have highlighted some thrilling indoor games you can play together with the whole family. Have fun doing these amusing activities this Easter holiday, and experience the joy of the Season within the confines of your own home!

Easter Egg Hunting

Who can forget this age-old game every Easter Sunday morning? Wake the kids up and see them immerse themselves in the thrill of hunting for that most-sought after Easter Egg! This year, why not try some new twists on your Easter Egg designs and surprises?

Check out these gorgeous Easter Egg ideas!

Play-Doh Moulding

Arts and crafts is another fun activity Aussies love to do during Easter! So if you’re looking for some great art making fun, how about putting your hands on a big Play-Doh mould? Create great sculptures and works of art with your kids. Don’t be surprise if your child’s masterpiece is better than yours (wink)!

Have a look at our great Play-Doh range!

Bunny Bowling

Here’s an awesome sports game you can play on your Easter holiday – bowling with family and friends! But instead of seeing ordinary bowling pins, how about designing them with Easter Bunny looks?… or in our case, the Easter Bilby!

Check out these sets and let's bowl this Easter!

Easter Bingo Games

There are games in which skill is required, but when it comes to bingo, luck is all that you need! Feel the thrill and excitement of waiting for that awaited bingo strike and savour the moment of being called the overall WINNER!

Have a look at these fun bingo game sets!

Balloon Popping

Easter is a holiday that happens only once a year; that’s why it’s just right to celebrate it with a party. Bring life to your Easter party with colourful balloons, and let the kids play a game of balloon popping. Race to the finish and pop a balloon one at a time! It’s an exciting activity in which everyone’s going to laugh like a bilby.

Have a look at these great balloon toys!


Raise the level of fun this Easter, and gather friends and family in a contest of who’s the best mimer… and mime guesser. It’s the classic game of charades! Though this game is an old time favourite, there are a variety of ways to play and have fun with charades – including some new twists.

Find out more about charades here!

Outdoor Fun Easter Games for Kids (and Adults too)

It’s time to go outside, feel the cool air of Easter, and experience memorable fun by playing games and doing some fun activities in your own backyard! What’s great about outdoor fun is that, while you get to play and enjoy the activity, you also get to burn off those extra calories from all the yummy Easter treats you’ve stuffed your tummy with! Some Easter outdoor activities can even bring out that hidden artist in you. See below!

Sidewalk Chalk Art Contest

Easter morning won’t be the same if there’s no chalk art along the sidewalk! Bring out your drawing talents and engage your child in a healthy sidewalk art challenge. Who among the family can draw the best sidewalk chalk art? Make sure you have the perfect sidewalk chalk art tools at your disposal!

See our amazing sidewalk chalk art kits!

Kite Flying

A bright and windy Easter Sunday is a perfect day to fly kites! Maybe it’s time for you to start a new hobby and fly a kite with the family. Experience the cool breeze of Easter and let it lift your awesome new kite up high into the sky.

See an assortment of colourful kites here!

Pole Tennis

If sports is your thing, why not try playing pole tennis with the family? No need to rent a big tennis court or gym! You can do it right in your own backyard. Game on!

Find out more about pole tennis here!

Bubble Making and Chasing

Fill your backyard with bubbles of different sizes! Make them... Blow them... Chase them… Expect your kids to have a great and bubbly time chasing a stream of bubbles. Or you can let them make and blow the bubbles themselves.

Buy some fun bubble making toys now!

Rope Quoits

An Australian classic loved by all ages, Rope Quoits is the retro game you need for your next Easter BBQ. Designed to last generations, its base is made from hard-wearing rubberwood and is paired with thick rope rings of just the right weight. Crack out this timeless game at a family picnic, during a catch up with friends, or when you need to distract the kids (big kids included) during your camping trip.

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We have more toys and games for backyard play waiting for you online and in-store. Check them out and ensure a delightful Easter celebration for your family this autumn!

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