The Top 10 Best Beyblade X Toys for Bladers in 2024

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The next level of Beyblade from Japan has arrived! Beyblade X is the fourth generation of the Beyblade franchise. Both the manga and anime capture the real meaning of X, which is short for eXtreme. Now, the fight has come to the hands of Beyblade fans and followers. Introducing the Beyblade X Metal Battling tops – with Xtreme Stadium Gimmick!

For those who have been following the Takara Tomy Beyblade craze since the beginning, metal Beyblade components are not really something new. The first and original Beyblade tops that came out in 1999 comprised full metal contact parts. Beyblade X also features the same design as that of the previous metal Beyblades... but MORE! Read on.

What Is Beyblade X?

So, what is Beyblade X and how is it different from the other Beyblade generations? In this new series, the X stands for eXtreme, but having metal contact parts is not the only feature that makes this fourth generation Beyblade stand out from the rest. The new unique features are:

  • The Xtreme Stadium Gimmick – it’s the attack gimmick built into the stadium itself.
  • The new gear driver or gear sport that uses the super acceleration gimmick X-Dash located at the tip of the Beyblade shaft – it allows the top to engage in extreme battles with amazing speed and impact.

Once the X-Dash comes in contact with the accelerator rail of the Xtreme Stadium Gimmik, a super accelerated “special” move will be activated – for extreme KO (knock out)!

Beyblade X also features the best components and attributes of the previous Beyblade generations. Watch this video for more details!

In addition, the game offers a new point system that awards the following accomplishments: 1 point for stamina finish, 2 points for burst or KO into either of the two corner pockets, and 3 points for extreme KO into the large middle pocket.

The Beyblade X Anime and Manga

Beyblade X toys are based on the Japanese manga and anime of the same name. The story centres on Robin Kazami, a young boy who aims to be a professional Blader. His goal is to get into the Pro League held in the so called "The X," where professional Bladers meet and battle each other.


Amateur Blader Robin Kazami finds himself without a team when he is ditched by his friends after a crushing defeat. He joins forces with former champ Jaxon Cross who uses the alias Blader X. Jaxon intends to climb back to the top of "The X" by challenging his old comrade and current champ, Khrome Ryugu. When they find a third member for their team in the person of the mega-popular influencer Multi Nana-iro, they name their newly formed group as Team Persona and set their sights on going pro to claim their spot at the top. Together, they will show the world something X-traordinary!

Play Extreme Battles with These Top 10 Beyblade X Toys

Back to our main article topic, it's time to dive into extreme Bey battles where only the strongest Beyblade will be the last one standing. Make sure you grab these top 10 picks!

1. Beyblade X Xtreme Battle Set with Beystadium

SKU: 1173244

The Beyblade X Xtreme Battle Set has all you need to begin your quest for Beymastery! The Xtreme Beystadium and 2 Beyblade X right-spin tops feature the X-Celerator Gear System to level up your game and prove it in battle. When the gear of the top engages the stadium’s X-Celerator Rail, it can super-accelerate into an Xtreme Dash, rocketing it around the arena for crushing collisions and epic bursts. Use the 2 launchers to unleash the Dagger Dran 4-60R Attack Type and Tusk Mammoth 3-60T Balance Type tops in a frenzy of fury. Launch your top against your opponent’s scoring points with each confrontation – first to reach 4 points wins. Mix and match the interchangeable blade, ratchet, and bit with the layers of other Beyblade X tops (sold separately) to create your own unsurpassable Bey!

2. Beyblade X Soar Phoenix 9-60GF Deluxe String Launcher Set

SKU: 1173242

The Deluxe String Launcher and Soar Phoenix 9-60GF Attack Type right-spin top work with the X-Celerator Gear System to level up your game and prove it in battle. The red painted heavy metal blades combine with a flat gear to enable powerful attacks. Pull the string of your launcher to unleash the Soar Phoenix 9-60GF in a frenzy of fury!

3. Beyblade X Beystadium Battle Arena

SKU: 1173243

Begin your quest for Beymastery with the Beyblade X Beystadium Battle Arena which features the Accelerator Gear System innovation to level-up your game. Pair the Beystadium with launchers, interchangeable blades, ratchets, and bits of Beyblade X tops (sold separately) to create your own unsurpassable Bey and unleash a frenzy of fury. Scan the code on Beyblade X tops to start your battle on the Beyblade X app! Beyblade toys with authentic Takara Tomy Beyblade die-cast metal tops make great gifts for boys and girls aged 8 and up.

4. Beyblade X Knife Shinobi 4-80HN and Keel Shark 3-80F

SKU: 1173344

Experience the thrill of the next generation of Beyblade! The Beyblade X Knife Shinobi 4-80HN and Keel Shark 3-80F Dual Pack includes 2 right-spinning tops! Strong centre of gravity keeps the Knife Shinobi 4-80HN centred in the Battle Zone while deflecting attacks. Keel Shark 3-80F excels at attacking from a low position directly at your opponent’s ratchet aiming for a burst.

5. Beyblade X Tail Viper 5-80O and Sword Dran 3-60F

SKU: 1173346

Tail Viper 5-80O features downward pointing blades to slow your opponent's top aiming for a survivor finish. Sword Dran 3-60F has a flat tipped bit which easily engages the rail for Xtreme Dashes. Both Blades feature powerful attacks!

6. Beyblade X Arrow Wizard 4-80B Starter Pack

SKU: 1173353

The Arrow Wizard 4-80B Right-Spin Stamina Type has a blade that generates strong centrifugal force which keeps it spinning to outlast your opponent. Bring the thrill of competition with a fast-paced, spinning top battle toy that challenges aspiring Beymasters to level up their game!

7. Beyblade X Scythe Incendio 4-60T Starter Pack

SKU: 1173353

The Scythe Incendio 4-60T Right-Spin Balance Type has a slender axis on the tapered bit, which balances early attack power with endurance. Assemble your tops, load your launchers, and 3-2-1... let it rip!

8. Beyblade X Talon Ptera 3-80B Booster Pack

SKU: 1173350

Harness the power of the Talon Ptera 3-80B Right-Spin Stamina Type! Its downward pointing blades slow your opponent’s speed, giving your stamina time the ability to outlast other Bladers.

9. Beyblade X Steel Samurai 4-80T Booster Pack

SKU: 1173347

The Takara Tomy-designed Beyblade X Steel Samurai 4-80T Right-Spin Balance Type has a tapered bit that provides early attack power and endurance to outlast your opponent. Launch it right into the battle!

10. Beyblade X Horn Rhino 3-80S Booster Pack

SKU: 1173348

Horn Rhino 3-80S Right-Spin Defence Type has a strong centre of gravity that keeps the top in the centre of the stadium, repelling attacks from all directions. See it spin into head to head battles!

Want to see more choices of Beyblade X tops, stadiums, and accessories? Check them out here! Stay tuned for new releases so you can pre-order!

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