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What’s hatching now and who’s inside the egg? Just wait and see – it’s a SURPRISE! Hatchimals are magical creatures that live inside colourful eggs waiting to hatch. Each Hatchimal has its own unique characteristics and you need to help it get out of its egg! Touching the egg will help speed up its hatching. Once hatched, you need to take care of it. See it grow from being a baby to being a toddler, and eventually a kid! Feed it with its confetti fruit. You can even teach it to talk, walk, and play with you. There is so much to enjoy with a Hatchimal toy! Shop for these amazing toy creatures here at Mr Toys – we carry a range of various Hatchimals online and in our land-based stores across Australia.

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Hatchimals – The Interactive “IT” Pet Toys

Who doesn’t love a surprise? With Hatchimal toys, you will encounter amazing surprises and more! The latest fad and “IT” toy series of the decade is here at Mr Toys! Spin Masters’ Hatchimals are taking the toy market by storm. We have the latest and most sought-after models – from the Glittering Basket, CollEGGtibles Basket, and Hatchimals Glittering Garden to the Shimmering Draggle and Teeny CollEGGtibles that come in more than 70 varieties.

Mr Toys is your number 1 destination for these delightful and colourful electronic creatures, and they are waiting for you to help them hatch. See them emerge from their magical eggs and witness them grow from baby to toddler – to being a kid.

The Fun Doesn’t End with the Hatching

After the hatch is complete, you will now need to take care of your new furry companion. The Hatchimal experience actually has 5 stages:

First Stage: The Egg – this is the stage when you first bought it from the store; nurture the egg by tilting and lightly tapping the shell.

Second Stage: The Hatch – note that the egg won’t hatch if it is not on your hand; you need to touch it and rub it to help the Hatchimal peck its way out.

Third Stage: The Baby – cuddle it and don’t forget to feed your Hatchimal.

Fourth Stage: The Toddler – teach it to talk, walk, and move.

Fifth Stage: The Kid – you can now play games with your Hatchimal; you can even teach it to sing and dance.

Mr Toys carries a wide selection of Hatchimal toys in our online store and land-based shops. We also have Hatchimal-themed items such as Hatchimal clip-ons and Hatchimal CollEGGtibles Egg Cartons to keep your Hatchimals safely stored. Collect them all and order you Hatchimal toys and accessories today.

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