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All the best Korimco plush toys are here at Mr Toys! Any child who receives a Korimko toy as a gift can be called lucky. A Korimco plush toy is a perfect present for any momentous celebration and occasion. From holidays and birthday to rewarding kids because of great grades in school, plush toys are a sure way to put a smile on a child’s face. And what’s great about Korimco is that they are an Australian toy company and they have been dealing with plush toys for well over 20 years! Assuring you of excellent quality and value for money, Mr Toys offers a vast range of Korimco products, from classic style teddy bears to brightly textured, colourful plushies. We also have realistic and lifelike plush dogs, cats, and jungle animals. Browse through our collection and find an appropriate plush toy for your child today.

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Korimco Plush Toys

Korimko Toys Meet the Requirements of Safe Plush Toys

As parents, we are very particular with quality and safety especially when it comes to the toys of our children. Of course, you still want your child to appreciate and enjoy their toys – but you certainly won’t compromise on safety and quality.

Quality toys mean that they are durable and can sustain rugged use for a very long time. Safety, on the other hand, means no toxic materials were used in manufacturing the toys and that they don’t have edges that can hurt your child. Safe toys also mean that they should be age-appropriate to the child who will use them. These criteria are all met by the Korimko toy company.

The Korimco toy company has been supplying soft toys to the Australian market as gifts and promotional souvenirs for over 20 years. The brand has a reputation for high-quality products and a great history of living up to its vision and promises. Korimco can boast of being “Australia’s leading supplier of soft toys” because of their huge selection of quality and innovative products that appeal to all generations of children.

If you are looking for a variety of Korimko plush toys to choose from, go no further! Mr Toys has a great assortment of these plushies online and in retail stores across Australia.



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