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Celebrate magic with My Little Pony! Get to know the characters and discover the fun and exciting toys dedicated to the popular TV franchise – My Little Pony. Since 1983, the magical My Little Pony brand has brought fun, friendship, and joy to millions of children around the world. Our selection of My Little Pony toys includes figures, key rings, plushies, playsets, and accessories. Explore the magic that only My Little Pony can offer! Experience the fun from your favourite My Little Pony series: Pony Life, Friendship Is Magic, Equestria Girls, Retro Ponies, and Cutie Mark Crew. Shop for My Little Pony toys and accessories at Mr Toys today!

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My Little Pony

My Little Pony and Your Favourite Original Ponies

Whether an alicorn like Twilight Sparkle, a unicorn like Rarity, a pegasus like Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy, or an earth pony like Pinkie Pie and Applejack, you will love your favourite friends from My Little Pony.

Meet the best friends of the My Little Pony franchise: Pony Life, Friendship Is Magic, Equestria Girls, Cutie Mark Crew, and Retro Ponies!

My Little Pony: Pony Life

Explore the funny side of friendship with My Little Pony: Pony Life! Just like going to a friend's house after school, the ponies spend most of their time at Sugarcube Corner. Here, Pinkie Pie serves up frosted cupcakes to the best customers in the world – her friends.

Together, the Mane 6 run into all sorts of cupcake conundrums, frosting fails, and magical mishaps. Thanks to a mysterious source of magical potions, everyday adventures are always getting really ridiculous!

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

Meet the Pony Squad of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic – Rarity, Twilight Sparkle, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, and Pinkie Pie.

My Little Pony: Equestria Girls

When Twilight Sparkle steps through a magic mirror, she discovers another dimension where almost every pony she knows from back home has a human counterpart, walking the halls of their high school on 2 feet instead of hooves.

My Little Pony: Cutie Mark Crew

The Cutie Mark Crew combines the worlds of My Little Pony and Equestria Girls to let fans imagine a universe of play and friendships beyond the mirror's portal. You can collect them all to build out a world of ponies, seaponies, and Equestria Girls.

My Little Pony: Retro Ponies

A special throwback to our original ponies, imagine the Mane 6 going back in time and coming back with a retro twist!

Get to Know the Main 5, the New Generation of Little Ponies

Meet this group of pony friends! Learn about My Little Pony’s new generation of characters:

• Sunny Starscout: Sunny is curious, adventurous, and determined to make the world a better place.

• Hitch Trailblazer: Hitch is dedicated to helping every pony in Maretime Bay as their caring sheriff.

• Izzy Moonbow: Izzy is an energetic unicorn who loves crafting, creating, and sparkles.

• Zipp Storm: Zipp is the rebellious and athletic daredevil princess of Zephyr Heights.

• Pipp Petals: Pipp is the stylish and talented pop star princess of Zephyr Heights.

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