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Classic toys are some of the most loved toys. My Little Pony has been enchanting children for years. These magical, colourful ponies are for play and collecting. Mr Toys' online selection of My Little Pony Toys is filled with a variety of My Little Pony figures and accessories. You can buy your little one a My Little Pony figure or playset like Pinkie Pie, Rarity or Applejack . We also have plush My Little Pony Toys which are great for collectables or the younger kids in your family. Shop online today and have your order shipped anywhere in Australia.

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My Little Pony

My Little Pony is More Popular than Ever The My Little Pony franchise consists of toys and various forms of media. The toys are plastic sculpted ponies, foals and unicorns/other horse-like mythical creatures. All of the ponies are known for their bright colouring and a unique design on the back which is referred to as the pony’s “cutie mark”. The franchise is wildly popular with little girls, though the complex writing and deep themes of the most recent TV series has made it popular with older males, too. While younger generations find pleasure in simply playing with the toys, older fans love to collect and customise ponies, often reselling the customised versions for as much as $170! My Little Pony toys were originally released back in the early eighties, and they quickly became popular among young girls at the time. While Hasbro, the toy’s manufacturer, ceased production multiple times, they always started back up again, as there was always some sort of demand for the ponies. The models themselves have been redesigned multiple times to keep up with modern tastes, and there hasn’t been a misstep yet. You can buy ponies individually or as part of a playset, which includes at least one pony, a large set piece, and various accessories. Many direct-to-VHS or direct-to-DVD movies, as well as multiple television series, have helped expand the universe and give each pony its own unique personality. You can find the movies, DVD versions of the TV show, and the ponies themselves online or at any local toy shop. My Little Pony, My Little Friend My Little Pony is a pony based figurine celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. My Little Pony has reached market success as a young female collectible toy series. My Little Pony toys are made for children ages 3 and up. My Little Pony figures include new generation My Little Ponies, My Little Pony Equestrian girls, and a range of My Little Pony inspired toys and games. My Little Pony figures and all other My Little Pony merchandise is currently owned and manufactured by Hasbro, Inc. My Little Pony figures are based around the pony characters created by the franchise. Each pony has a distinct purpose, similar to the marketing scheme of Care Bears. Twilight Sparkle is a unicorn pony who represents the element of magic. Twilight Sparkle is currently the most popular character from the My Little Pony universe. Twilight Sparkle My Little Pony toys are featured from plush replica ponies to full Crystal Palace Princess play sets. These toys are perfect for many girls ages 4-9. My Little Pony has begun releasing “Equestrian Girl” dolls that match each of the My Little Pony television series ponies (including Twilight Sparkle). The Equestrian Girl dolls are targeted at an older group of girls than the pony figurines. The Equestrian Girl dolls were created as the human-counterparts to the “Magic of Friendship Never Changes” My Little Pony series. The Equestrian Girls dolls are said to be in high-school and represent the power and quality of strong friendships in school. Each Equestrian Girl will eventually have a complete line of My Little Pony toys.



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