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Let your child’s imagination run free by collecting Our Generation dolls, outfits, and accessories. Discover the wonder of Our Generation with its line of dolls, clothes, house sets, and other fun stuff and themes. With Our Generation, you will find new meaning on how it is to be a child. Our Generation dolls and outfits are fun, fashionable, and colourful like the rainbow. When you play with Our Generation dolls and outfits, you get to enjoy the world while dreaming what the future holds. Play, imagine, find, and re-discover the wonder and beauty of life and all that is in it, because Our Generation is here! Buy them now at Mr Toys Toyworld.

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Our Generation Dolls

Our Generation Is Changing the World

Our Generation’s motto is, “With our heads in the blue sky and our feet planted firmly on the ground, we’re changing the world without ever forgetting to be kids.” When you buy Our Generation dolls, outfits, and accessories, you can be certain that they were manufactured with the idea of making children happy to live in this beautiful world of our generation.

Our Generation Dolls Come in Unique Varieties

Each of the dolls has its own personality and a unique story to tell. They also have their own hobbies that mirror the hobbies of people in the real world. With Our Generation dolls, you can teach your children what hobbies they like to do and the values, ideas, and good behaviour that goes with them.

The Adorable Characteristics of Our Generation Dolls

The dolls have life-like hair that you can brush or style the way you like. They have removable outfits which you can change according to what hobby you think looks best for the doll. Our Generation dolls are great to play with, and they come alive with whatever new interesting stories and ideas you come up with. Enjoy these lovable and gorgeous dolls; grab the newest “Our Generation” dolls, outfits, and accessories from Mr Toys today!

This is Our Generation!

Our Generation toys and playsets have the following ranges:
  • Dolls – regular, deluxe, retro, and specialty.
  • Outfits – same as with dolls.
  • Accessories – house and home, fun and adventure, loyal pals, vehicles, and bundles.
Our Generation also has “Fun Stuff” and “Themes.”
  • Themes – equestrian, outdoor, retro, sleepover, garden, and pets.
  • Fun stuff – wall of hearts, colouring books, wallpapers, book shelf, and OG activities.



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