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Children use playmats and tents in a variety of ways. Some carry them to pre-school for nap time, others use them in their bedroom for floor play, and some others use them for picnic and camping during pretend-play. Whatever kids do with their playmats, it just goes to show that playmats and tents are versatile tools for children.

Mr Toys Toyworld carries a large assortment of playmats and tents for kids. We have single-sized mats and playmats that cover a big floor area. We also have playmats that can transform the floor into roadways for car play. You can choose from many different designs and colours. Buy your playmats and tents at Mr Toys and enjoy top quality service and discounted prices.

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If you are looking for something that will give comfort to your children when they play on the floor, then get them a nice and comfortable playmat. We have many kinds of playmats that come in different sizes and materials.

Playmats that are made from polyester or fine quality fabric are usually soft. We also have playmats that are made of plastic, but they have been ensured to be environmentally friendly and safe for children. Playmats with toys attached to them and play music are called musical gym mats; they are often used by parents who want to put their babies to sleep.

If you want the heavy duty stuff, we have the playmats that are strong enough to be placed in gardens or on grass fields. These are great for picnics and can allow children to engage in more physical games.

Play Tents, What Benefits Do They Have for Kids?

Some of the benefits children can get from play tents (but not limited to these) are:

  • They provide a place for pretend-play both outdoors and indoors.
  • Constructing the play tent cultivates children’s ability to coordinate movements, balance, and imagination.
  • They can serve as a private hideout or “sanctuary” for children.
  • Play tents can be caring gears for babies.

As a parent, you want to give all the best for your children. During their development and growth, playtime is something you cannot do without. It does not only affect the full development of motor skills, but it is also allows the children to learn and get to know their environment.

Here at Mr Toys, we have a wide range of tents for kids and they come in a variety of sizes, colours, and styles. Choose a tent that is appropriate for your child's age. Shop for them now at Mr Toys Toyworld.



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