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Welcome to Rainbow High, the home of all things rainbow! Get your Rainbow High Dolls at Mr Toys and collect all the rainbow. Legend says that, at the end of the rainbow, there's a pot of gold. But the truth is – there is something even more amazing. Only the chosen few with an eye for bold fashions can follow the rainbow to Rainbow High, the colourful fashion school where everyone learns to flaunt their true colour. Join Ruby, Poppy, Sunny, Jade, Skyler, and Violet in their teenage adventures as they try to find life’s answers to the usual questions teenagers encounter in their daily lives. Meet them at Rainbow High and collect all the dolls from Mr Toys now!

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Rainbow High

Rainbow High – The Boldly Coloured Fashion School

Teenage life has never been fun with Rainbow High, the school you find at the end of the rainbow where boldly coloured fashions are opened and explored. Based on the book trilogy by Alex Sanchez, the Magae toy company has acquired a licence to create videos and a line of toys and merchandise that is sure to excite kids all over the world.

Introducing the Rainbow High Dolls

Meet the 6 gorgeous dolls of Rainbow High:

Ruby Anderson

You’ve probably heard of Ruby before you ever meet her. She blazes new style trails, because she creates and wears hype-worthy looks that are totally fire. Shoes are her calling card, and she designs custom kicks that grab attention. Ruby dares to make a statement by playing artistic pranks around the school, like that time she filled a teacher’s office with a giant statue.

Poppy Rowan

Poppy is the monarch of music at Rainbow High. She flutters between genres, but always coming up with something that’s fresh and new. Everyone at Rainbow High looks up to her bold taste in music and creative ear for new beats. She’s the go-to DJ for everything at Rainbow High, because she knows the right music can set the vibe for the entire event.

Sunny Madison

Sunny is as bright and happy as her name and her yellow colour palette suggest. She’s bubbly, energetic and she loves to be a fangirl of everything – especially to her friends. She got into Rainbow High because of her amazing animation skills. At school, she creates a whole animated series based on her BFFs.

Jade Hunter

At first glance, Jade seems like the moody and misunderstood girl at Rainbow High, and she likes it that way. She can only be satisfied by being 110% true to herself, and that means never following trends or doing anything that might make her “fit in.” Makeup is her favourite way to express herself, and she loves to shock everyone with dramatic looks that everyone has to admit look gorgeous.

Skyler Bradshaw

Skyler is another exciting talent at Rainbow High, but she’s not quite ready to share her work with the world. She is one of the most talented fashion designers at Rainbow High, but she prefers to stay anonymous and let her work speak for itself – and it does. Her girlfriends aren’t fooled by Skyler’s quiet exterior; they know Skyler has big things in her future, and they’ll be there to support her when she makes her debut.

Violet Willow

Every school needs a diva, and Violet was born for that role. She makes sure her style is the star by choosing showstopping pieces with luxe details and plenty of bling. When she came to Rainbow High, she was already an influencer with hundreds of thousands of fans. Now, she’s filming all the drama inside Rainbow High for her followers ‘coz everyone is dying for the inside scoop.

Join them in their quest to find life’s answers to their teenage questions as they go through their high school at Rainbow High.
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