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Welcome to the peaceful world of Sylvania! A Sylvanian Families toy is just waiting for your child to take it home and play with it in their own little world. The Sylvanian Families series helps children learn the values of family and relationships. The toys, playsets, and accessories showcase traditional family scenes such as houses, furniture, vehicles, towns, and schools. Mr Toys has an extensive collection of Sylvanian Families items and you can buy them at the most affordable prices possible. Sylvanian Families sets are great for both play and display! You can use them as ornaments inside your home to make it look more conducive to family living. Shop for Sylvanian Families toys, playsets, and accessories here at Mr Toys and enjoy the peace and serenity of family life the Sylvanian way.

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Sylvanian Families

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Sylvanian Families began as a line of collectable animal figurines in 1985. The figures released under the brand are humanised forest creatures and the first Sylvanian Families toys were made in Japan. The brand belongs to the Japanese gaming company called Epoch. The Sylvanian series has been the inspiration for several television shows around the world. All of the Sylvanian products promote wholesome family values.

The extension sets for the figurine toys make it possible to create large family houses, vehicles, tree houses, schools, theatres, and various outdoor scenes. The Sylvanian Families series allows for an easy set-up of a whole town or village by collecting sets that all add up to what you already own. There are family cars, furniture, garden kits, boats, trains, and other accessories available to enhance the serene and family-friendly atmosphere of the toy collection.

If you are new to the Sylvanian Families series of toys, here are some good and useful information!

Since 1985, Sylvanian Families has been loved by many people around the world. It is a nostalgic toy range that attracts both adults and children alike. The Sylvanian Families series is based on 3 concepts:




With these concepts, children who play with Sylvanian Families will not only explore the power of imagination but will also learn the values of caring for others and love of nature. If you think such values match your own ideals, then grab a Sylvanian Families playset now and let your child learn family values while they play and have fun with the toys.

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