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Do you want to play tennis but you don’t have a place large enough to serve as your tennis court? Why not play totem tennis instead? Totem tennis is a tennis-like sports game that comprises a pole (or totem) and a ball with a string attached to the pole. Players would take turns in hitting the ball using their rackets. The ball would swing back and forth as the players outdo each other – just like in tennis! Totem tennis is an exciting game that can be played, not just by 2 players, but also by 3 or 4 – and you don’t need a large court to play. If you’re looking to buy the accessories for totem tennis such as rackets, balls, swinging ropes, and totems, then you’ve come to the right place. Mr Toys has a fantastic range of totem tennis sets and an assortment of totem tennis accessories. Shop now and play a game of totem tennis with friends and family today!

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Totem Tennis

The Next Best Thing to Tennis – Totem Tennis

Totem tennis, orbit tennis, tether tennis, or swing tennis is a great alternative to tennis or table tennis. The only difference is that you don’t use a net but a pole with a swinging rope attached to the ball. People who are fond of tennis but are not able to play the actual tennis game will definitely be thrilled to play totem tennis. The great thing is, it’s so easy to set up as well!

You can play it indoors or on your backyard. You don’t need to have a large table just like in table tennis or rent a full range tennis court. It’s the next best thing to playing an actual tennis game!

Buy a totem tennis set at Mr Toys now! We also offer individual accessories such as racket, ball, totem, and swinging rope.



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