Buy VEX Robotics – Kits, Tools, and Accessories

If your child is a fan of robots and building sets, take playtime to the next level with VEX Robotics kits. These incredible building kits will allow your child to build different movable and controllable robots, as well as customise their designs. VEX Robotics offer educational building sets that cater to everyone who has an interest in science and robotics. The kits may look challenging to build but they are actually easy to implement; its comprehensive tools span all grade levels. VEX Robotics is designed and developed by STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) experts. From cars and spider-like robots to a variety of machines that move balls around a track or feature a robotic arm, there are lots of cool building kits from which to choose. And at Mr Toys, you can shop for a range of these amazing VEX Robotics kits today.