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Adorable Baby Alive Dolls Available Here

Baby Alive is one of the first brands of dolls to have realistic features and body functions similar to those of infants. The Baby Alive brand has retained its charisma among children spanning many generations; it is still one of the most favourite dolls being sought after by kids who want to pretend-play and imitate their parents when it comes to taking care of babies. Mr Toys’ selection of Baby Alive dolls includes both the traditional ones and the latest models out in the market. Your child will enjoy playing with Baby Alive’s realistic features such us being able to drink in a bottle, cry adorably, and wet its diaper. We also have Baby Alive dolls that have varying functions and features according to the age of babies they represent. Don’t forget to include Baby Alive clothes and accessories that go with these adorable dolls. Shop for Baby Alive toys and accessories here at Mr Toys now!

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Baby Alive

It’s Fun to Pretend-Play as Mum or Dad with Baby Alive

Does your child like to pretend-play doing the duties of a parent to a little baby? Well, we recommend that you get them a Baby Alive doll. Baby Alive dolls are so realistic that you may think they are real babies – not only that they look like them – but they have features that make them replicate some of the actions of real babies.

See your child as they enjoy playing with a Baby Alive doll while discovering and learning responsibility through caring and nurturing. With over 80 lifelike movements, expressions, and real baby sounds, these realistic baby dolls can respond to a child’s voice and touch. These dolls drink and wet just like a real baby. Your little one will enjoy feeding them, changing their diapers, and even potty-training them. Your child will love caring for their own Baby Alive doll!

Kids will have fun playing out great meal-time moments, and then opening the baby's nappy to see that it has "pooped" – only to clean it up for a more hilarious playtime. Some Baby Alive models have the capability to talk as they respond to your child’s actions, which makes the baby-and-parent experience even more real. With Baby Alive, there are so many special dolls to choose from that will allow your child to discover unique themes for a fun and realistic pretend-play experience.

Let your child enjoy playing with a Baby Alive doll today! Order one now at Mr Toys Toyworld and have a happy parenting experience.



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