Best Ty Beanie Plush Toys This Year – Our Top 15 Picks

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There's always an awesome reason to hug and cuddle. For people, especially kids, who are in the habit of hugging and cuddling, one particular type of toy stands out – PLUSH TOYS!

Plush toys, plushies, soft toys, or stuffed toys – whatever you want to call them – are the cuddly and huggable companions that keep us company in our bedrooms, while travelling in a vehicle, and in the solitude of our “Me Time.”

In this blog post, we give particular attention to a popular brand of soft toys… with big round eyes! Their name sounds like the initials for "Thank You," but more than just an expression of gratitude – they are among the cutest plush animals around, brought to us by Ty Inc.

The Ty Beanie Boo and Beanie Baby

The Ty Beanie Babies are pocket-sized plush pets renowned for their charming appeal and adorable qualities. Each Beanie Baby has a signature heart-shaped tag with its name and a poem to describe it. The Beanie Babies have warmed the hearts of both kids and grownups since the 1990s.

On the other hand, Ty Beanie Boos look like they may come to life and give you a “BOO-P” on the nose! With their large, sparkly, and inquisitive eyes plus their cute little smirk, they have been enchanting children and adults since 2009. Their name may sound spooky, but the Beanie Boos irresistible charm is just one of the features that instinctively evoke our nurturing responses, making them universally adored. Just like Beanie Babies, each Beanie Boo has its own unique heart-shaped tag with its signature name and poem.

Both Beanie Boos and Beanie Babies are stuffed with soft plastic pellets or "beans" and not the traditional cloth or cotton stuffing.

Top 15 Best Beanie Babies, Beanie Boos, and Other Ty Beanies

So if you want to experience what it's like to hug and cuddle with a Ty Beanie plush toy, then grab any one (or all) of these top 15 picks!

15. Cassidy Lavender Cat Beanie Clip

SKU: 1148771

This chatty little kitty cat wants to be where the fun is at. She would like to tag along with you too. So why not take her home? Attach her to your backpack, purse, keys, or anything else you think could use a little extra cuteness!

Birthday: 11th of August

A cat's fur can be as soft as a breeze
Run a brush through mine, and give me a squeeze!

14. Turbo Green Turtle Beanie Boo

SKU: 1158518

Do not be fooled; this turtle is not slow. Turbo always moves at turbo speed! If you can catch up, you will make a great pair of friends.

Birthday: 8th of October

I may walk slow but my mind is quite quick
I'd like to go with you on a picnic
Bring an umbrella in case it should rain
I have my shell so that's where I'll remain.

13. Izzy Tan Dog Beanie Boo

SKU: 1158525

Izzy is a pug you will love to snuggle. When Izzy is not dosing, this little snuffler loves to eat and play. Add this cute pug to your collection today!

Birthday: 25th of September

Once I saw you, I knew that was it
Love at first sight, I'll have to admit
I'll be happy to have you for my own
No greater love have I ever known.

12. Lloyd Tan Spotted Leopard Beanie Belly

SKU: 1166883

Lloyd the leopard is fast, but not as fast as we say "AWW" when we see this Bellie! Lloyd is hunting for its next friend to explore with. Is that you?

Birthday: 18th of August

Always look before you leap
Especially, when it's steep
Maybe I should never tell
But I would laugh if you fell!

11. Meadow Orange Fox Beanie Boo

SKU: 1166883

My beautiful ears will listen closely to you, so you can tell me all your dreams and wishes. My favourite place is usually in a meadow alone, but I love to spend time with you playing and sleeping. I can't wait to meet you!

Birthday: 6th of March

Find me in the fields
That is where I hide
Orange, like the flowers
That feed the butterflies.

10. Saffire Blue Speckled Dragon Beanie Boo

SKU: 1108803

I'm a plush dragon of sapphire blue, with big golden eyes that are looking at you. My name is Saffire; I'm speckled with gold, the cutest dragon that you'll want to hold!

Birthday: 23rd of February

I can blow fire, it's easy for me
And my big wings let me fly wild and free.

9. Dumbo Elephant Beanie Plush

SKU: 1132064

Disney's Dumbo is ready to fly his way into your home! This adorable plush elephant has the cutest ears that stretch from his trunk to his tail. Made in a fabric so smooth and soft, you won't want to put him down.

8. Eva Pink Speckled Elephant Beanie Boo

SKU: 1151386

Eva is cuddly, soft and pink, covered in purple specks for all to see. Her purple ears will listen to your dreams and stories while you snuggle. She's ready for a great new friend, so take Eva home today!

Birthday: 6th of August

Eva the elephant dreams she can fly
She flaps her big ears to give it a try!

7. Sleighbell the Dog Beanie Boo

SKU: 1166905

Sleighbell is a fuzzy white dog with large, glittery blue button eyes, a black nose, and black stitching for his mouth. He wears a knitted blue, nordic style hat with a red bobble on top.

Birthday: 28th of February

I’m waiting for a snowy day
So we can go outside to play
I’m set for cold weather
I don’t need a sweater.

6. Cobalt Blue Spotted Leopard Beanie Boo

SKU: 1166854

Have you ever seen a more stylish leopard? This dazzling, blue and tan leopard is named Cobalt. A fashionista at heart, you can't find a leop-art like this in the wild!

Birthday: 27th of April

Hunting in the dead of night
Shadows cast an eerie sight
Wondering under starry skies
I'll disappear before your eyes.

5. Cinder Green Dragon Beanie Boo

SKU: 1097943

He’s a silky dragon... big and green! His name is Cinder, but he’s not mean. You can take him with you to just about any place. He has a friendly expression on his face. His purple wings and glittery eyes look just perfect on a dragon his size. Cinder looks great sitting on your bed, but if you prefer, you can play a game with him instead.

Birthday: 2nd of October

Let's be friends and you will see
I'm happiest when you are with me.

4. Honeycomb Tan Dog Beanie Boo

SKU: 1166851

Meet Honeycomb! With long, tan fur, this Boo is standing tall and waiting by the door to come home to you. How many barks does it take to adopt Honeycomb?

Birthday: 3rd of October

I had a happy thought
About a gift I bought
I just quickly knew
It was meant for you!

3. Dangler Two-Toned Grey Sloth Beanie Boo

SKU: 1145072

Dangler the sloth may be slow, but he would like to let you know, he's plush and soft with big golden eyes that sparkle and will mesmerise. He'd love to be a friend to you, and cuddle close the whole night through.

Birthday: 22nd of February

You will find me
Way up in the trees
I hang upside down
And swing in the breeze.

2. Sissy Black and White Dog Beanie Boo

SKU: 1166850

Sissy just spotted a new fur-parent with its bright, blue eyes – that's you! This loveable dog is super excited to go on walks in the park, and it doesn't even bark. Are you ready to adopt Sissy?

Birthday: 15th of September

If you're sad and feel alone
Call me on the telephone
I'll help those feelings go away
By talking to you every day.

1. Marvel Spider-Man Squish

SKU: 1166847

Experience the amazing hug and cuddle of your friendly neighbourhood Marvel hero, Spider-Man! This adorable plush companion comes to life with vibrant colours and incredible softness. A perfect gift for any Spidey fan, this squishy plush pillow-like toy is Ty's tribute to the ever popular web-slinging, wall-crawling superhero Spider-Man!

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