The Educational Benefits of Playing with Rainbow High Dolls

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Have you ever been to a place where you and your favourite friends – through creativity, friendship, and magic – can work together to make your colourful dreams come true? Well, there is such a place and it’s a place where anything is possible! Today, we enter a fantastical world of rainbows, creativity, and friendship. Rainbow High is a school where everyone is encouraged to live up to their potential. In Rainbow High, you will shine brighter than ever!

Rainbow High is the number one visual arts high school in the world. At Rainbow High, all the colours of the rainbow are represented. Students are encouraged to create new fashion styles and make their colours shine even brighter – TOGETHER! It’s all G.L.A.M. at Rainbow High – Grit, Love, Action, and Moxie. Rainbow High students can flaunt their true colours and come up with daring fashion ideas.

The Rainbow High Dolls

Thanks to Michael Anderson Scott and the MGAE company, kids and doll lovers can enjoy a new line of fashion dolls known as the Rainbow High Dolls. Themed after high school life and teen culture, Rainbow High Dolls are based on the different colours of the rainbow. The line was launched July 2020, aimed at kids and adult doll hobbyists who grew up with the fashion doll trend.

Rainbow High Animated Show

In the same year, MGAE released an animated show based on the Rainbow High universe, featuring the main 8 doll characters:

  • Ruby Anderson
  • Poppy Rowan
  • Sunny Madison
  • Jade Hunter
  • Skyler Bradshaw
  • Violet Willow
  • Bella Parker
  • Amaya Raine

The popular fashion dolls come to life in this animated series as they let their talents and true colours shine at the visual arts school, Rainbow High. (c/o Netflix)

The Importance of Role-Play in a Child's Development

Rainbow High is all about inclusion, showing your true colours, making your dreams come true, accepting diversity, and letting your colours shine bright together with your friends. The characters represent various personalities that contribute to the beautiful colours of the rainbow. When your child role-plays with Rainbow High dolls, they don't just have fun with other kids of the same age but they also explore their feelings and engage in active education.

Read on and learn some of the educational benefits children can gain while playing with Rainbow High toys.

1. Promotes Creativity and Imaginative Play

Playing with Rainbow High toys offers plenty of educational benefits that significantly enhance a child's development. One of the most prominent advantages is the promotion of creativity and imaginative play. When children play with these vibrant dolls, they create unique settings and scenarios where they can explore their imagination freely. This type of creative play allows kids to experiment with various play styles, invent new stories, and build elaborate worlds and narratives.

They also learn important skills such as language skills and communication skills. As they role-play with different characters and scenarios, they verbalise their thoughts and negotiate roles, enhancing their communication abilities. This engaging activity can also encourage children to explore their emotions and express them in a safe, imaginative environment.

2. Teaches Social Skills and Empathy

Playing with dolls, especially in group settings, contributes to the development of social skills and empathy. When children engage with Rainbow High dolls, they often involve other children. This fosters social interaction and the development of important life skills like sharing, cooperation, and communication. Through role-playing, kids learn to take turns, listen to their peers, and understand different opinions, which are important elements of social development.

In addition, pretend-play with dolls helps children to develop empathy by putting themselves in the shoes of the doll characters. For example, when a child plays a scenario where one doll is feeling sad, they learn to recognise and respond to emotions, mirroring real-life social situations. This kind of emotional learning is important for their overall development and helps the child to develop empathy towards others.

3. Develops Problem Solving Skills

Another significant educational benefit of playing with Rainbow High dolls is the development of problem solving skills. When children play with these dolls, they often create scenarios that require resolution. This may involve figuring out how to rescue a character from a tricky situation or deciding the best way to organise a doll party. These activities challenge children to think critically and come up with solutions, and thus honing their problem solving abilities.

Playing with Rainbow High dolls also encourages kids to think strategically. For example, they may create a storyline that involves solving disputes between characters. Such games require them to apply logic and reasoning, which are important skills not only in play but also in real-life situations. This type of role-play is particularly beneficial in helping children to develop skills that they will use as they grow up.

4. Enhances Senses and Motor Skills

Playing with Rainbow High dolls can also significantly enhance a child's fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Dressing and undressing the dolls, brushing their hair, and manipulating small accessories require precise movements and coordination. These actions help to develop a child’s fine motor skills, which are essential for everyday tasks such as writing, buttoning clothes, and tying shoelaces.

Additionally, playing with these dolls can stimulate a child’s senses through the use of bright colors, different textures, and varied shapes. This sensory engagement is important during childhood as it helps young children to understand and interpret the world around them. The tactile experiences involved in playing with dolls can enhance a child’s sense of touch and improve their ability to manipulate objects, further contributing to their overall development.

Rainbow High Dolls Encourage Children to Shine

Rainbow High dolls offer a diverse range of educational benefits that contribute to a child's development. Whether fostering creativity and imaginative play, teaching social skills and empathy, enhancing problem solving skills, and improving fine motor skills, these dolls provide a multifaceted approach to learning and development. Parents looking for ways to enrich their kids' playtime experience will find Rainbow High toys as valuable tools in promoting holistic development through engaging role-play with dolls.

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