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Diecast models are replicas of automobiles from the past and present. Some diecast, such as Hot Wheels, are played with by children on a daily basis; however, there are more expensive, highly detailed, die-cast models that are collected by enthusiasts. When you buy from our online shop, you can choose from various scales including 1/18th scale, 1/24th scale, or 1/64th scale cars. We carry a large selection online and have them in our Queen Street Mall store location. Many die-cast collectibles become valuable over time. Shop our assortment and keep our page bookmarked for new arrivals.

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How to Buy the Best Diecast Model Vehicles

Diecast models are made by pouring molten metal into a steel mold and cooled. Over the years, models have become so much more popular because of the durability in use. In choosing the correct version, the buyer has to decide whether it will be for a collection or for a child. There are two types of diecast models – vintage and modern. The modern version is safe for kids and the vintage is more suitable for collectors.


This has many people wondering how to buy the best diecast model for their needs.

Most people want all-purpose playing cars. Finding these that are ideal may take a little digging. Remember to look for cars that were built no earlier than 1970 to present time. This is important first and foremost because the majority of them are lead-free.

Choosing diecast models for value is another consideration for some. You can get die cast vehicles for play and for value. These are usually found in military-style die cast vehicles. This is a very good investment because they are normally made on a limited basis so they increase their value quickly. So, be sure to save the packaging and not damage the toy too much. Even limited editions are still relatively inexpensive so they can be bought in pairs of two; one to collect and one to play with without the worry.



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